Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Getting there.......

As it was.......
Getting somewhere is very good for the soul. Slowly, bit by bit, we are taming this place, only in sections, but each little corner that we tidy makes for a little bit less work. In this case, less weeding in the polytunnel as the evil weeds have been making their way in under the edges, and less strimming to do on the outside each week to keep the weeds and grass down around the polytunnel.
...and as it is now.
Two each of Redcurrants, Blackcurrants and Whitecurrants.
Before..... ...and after.
This second side will be planted out on Friday (weather permitting) with our Sweetcorn plants, all nice sturdy little plants, currently residing in the polytunnel. Out of the 159 seeds we planted we have about 140 plants, so not too bad.
But today I am continuing in 'Goking' my wardrobe, although I did get started yesterday, I then got slightly sidetracked, and after giving my workroom a thorough overhaul ended up filling Rosebud cones for the Farmers Market on Sunday!

Sue xx


  1. Every time I pop over here you have something else to show is - it's brilliant what you have achieved

  2. You have all worked so hard - its all coming on so well :)

    140 sweetcorn plants! *thud* - I was happy that 7 of mine grew big enough to plant out!! (mind you I only have a postage stamp of a veggie patch).

  3. What a great transformation. It really is coming on, and you're sorting your wardrobe!...you put me to shame.


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