Wednesday 28 April 2010

Washing, Wigwams and Flowers......

Yesterday was a gloriously sunny day and I was out and about making the most of it.

First on the list get the washing done, I've finally caught up with the holiday washing backlog....phew!!

Then I erected a wigwam for some of the Beans to grow up, they are looking lovely and strong in the polytunnel at the moment and are ready to move to a new home. Then that ground to a halt as the chickens were watching my every move and I couldn't figure out how to protect the beans, and the rest of the bed from my greedy little friends. Thinking cap on!!
So I moved over to planting out my Golden Cabbage seedlings, here it was a true battle of wills with chickens spotting me from a far and dashing over. At first I was aided by Rosy the dog, who seeing me chasing away the chickens, got in on the act and did it for me, but then she got confused and started chasing them the other way, back towards me. I quickly put on the cover I had made already (which I forgot to photograph!!) and started the long round of watering everything that's been planted recently.
Then it was over to the polytunnel (phew!.....far too hot to work in there in the afternoons now) to pick something for our tea. I got a brilliant haul of lettuce and mixed leaves, with the last of the first sowing of radish, some whoppers amongst them, and a few herbs to scatter on top.

Added to the haul were some of our eggs (and a few sausages for Lovely Hubby, my carnivore caveman).......yummy!!

Then I stopped to think, I am truly getting carried away with this photographing everything lark.....

......but what the was a lovely moon....pity my camera just could not do it justice!!

The only way I can have pretty flowers is to put them in a pot sitting in the top of my old chimney. Dad was laughing as I added plant after plant to my trolley in the garden centre, but I managed to fit all but one in and it looks lovely, for now anyway, it might get a bit crowded looking when the Poached Egg Plants are a bit bigger. I just hope the Welsummers don't see them (they have been known to jump and peck.......little b*****s that they are!

Sue xx


  1. Hi all looks lovely... super salads too!

    You are such a busy person... you must be exhusted...

    take care Anne

  2. Hello Sue. It's been lovely catching up on your blogs. I laughed at the photographing everything bit as I am just the same, but I love it anyway. x

  3. Sue, I really enjoy your blog--Your pictures really are lovely and todays are no exception. And I know just what you mean about taking so many. I just got my new camera about 3 months ago and have taken almost 1000 pictures! YIKES--But I think the learning curve is most of it...I hope! :-)

  4. Oh brilliant Sue! When we had our chickens they followed me everywhere if they thought they'd be a little peck in it for them! I do miss it (will get more soon - just won't tell hubby!) Loved the pic of the moon, wonderful, Karen xx

  5. Just love to hear your account of a busy, busy day. We have rain forecast for tomorrow, which is a relief - but I'll miss these days where everything is possible in the sun!

  6. wow! I just read your blog and it really motivates me!!, where are those seed packages...

  7. ooh I love poached egg flowers ! At least now we can delete photos & not pay for rolls & rolls of film !
    I hate it when the girls pick up something the cat dragged in...they are very aggressive & their Dinosaur instinct shows its self !

  8. Ooh I love your chimney planter! You've been so busy!


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