Thursday, 8 April 2010


The new girls, the Speckledys are settling in well. They now come running when they hear my 'chook chook' call along with all the others.
A Speckledy, they don't have names yet!
They are slowly learning to perch on the roosting bars at night in the henhouse. They used to squeeze (all ten of them) into 2 or three of the nesting boxes, now just four of them sleep here, something I really want them to get out of the habit of because it messes up the straw for laying early in the morning before the house is open.

After a walk you lay claim to the food!
They are getting into the same routine as the others, the only thing they don't do quite of much of at the moment is follow me everywhere. Morning walks are fast becoming a parade, with three of the chickens (two whites and a Welsummer) following me when I walk the dogs. So the order is Sophie ahead, Rosy chasing after then me, quickly followed by three chickens and Archie, the cat bringing up the rear. If only someone had a camera!!
If no one else wants get stuck in - even if it is layers pellets!!

The sun is shining now, slowly melting the frost that we have had overnight and the pigs need feeding, so off I go. Camera in hand (closely followed by 3 chickens and a cat and led by two dogs) ....hey ho, hey ho.....!

Sue xx


  1. Isn't that lovely... I'm sure my neighbours think I'm barking mad - but they do like the fresh eggs !
    (Do you use Diatoms ? my chicken man swears by it for lining the house to keep the bugs away )

  2. A touch of frost here too Sue. But only very common brown hens!

  3. Probably a good thing I don't currently have chickens... every time I go to the bathroom I have feline or canine company, whether I want it or not! LOL!
    Sandie xx

  4. I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have a dog following me around everywhere I go--I'm sure you feel the same way about your entourage too!!


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