Sunday, 11 April 2010

Littlest Piggies on the Farm

The littlest, cutest little piggies on the farm. (Shhh....don't tell the others I said that!)

We picked them up on Saturday and by teatime they were busy exploring their pig ark.

Looking around for their brothers and sisters, but happy to be together.

Never straying more than a couple of feet from each other they gave the whole of their enclosure the once over before settling down to a snack of pig nuts.

After checking everything out and marvelling at the barking Jack Russell that is smaller than they are, they settled down for a little snooze in the sunshine. The most laid back little piggies I have ever met (I think they get that from their Mum, Cilla.)

On a sadder note Latte, one of our original girls died during the night. We expected it from yesterday afternoon. We have noticed a real pattern now when a chicken is going to die in it's sleep. They take themselves away after a meal and a drink, for an afternoons solitude, then at bedtime the others huddle around her, as if saying goodbyes. It's sad but a nice peaceful end to a happy life.
RIP Latte, you were a lovely lady and a fun chicken to know.
Sue xx


  1. Oh, they're so cute! Have been waiting for these pics all weekend! Sorry that it's tinged with you losing Latte... The one thing that you (and whoever else reads your blog knows) is that ALL of your lovely animals have the best of lives....
    Enjoy your day Sue...
    Kind regards,

  2. So sorry to hear about Latte, as Bizzy Days has said, your animals do have lovely lives with you.

    I thought initially when I read your post title that Betty had had her piglets and was quite amazed how quickly the time has gone, but it's ok, time has not gone that quickly! They are totally adorable! Good to see them settling in so quickly too.

    Speaking of Betty, how is the expectant mum doing?

    Sarah x

  3. As you relish the new life you have with the cutest lil' pigs,(!!) it has the sting of the loss of Latte--Truly the circle of life--I love that the other chickens know that...Animals have such intellegence!

  4. Thank you for your post of the cute little pigs! They are really adorable.
    Sorry about Latte,lovely but, sad story about the chooks saying their goodbyes...that's lifes' cycle though isn't it? Life goes on.

    Sandie xx

  5. I'm so sorry to hear you lost your chicken, they are such beautiful creatures to be around, I know I miss mine terribly... I will have to get more soon. I always like to plant something to remember them even if it is just a herb or a lavender, as mine went all at once they have a weeping willow where the run used to stand.
    The piglets are too beautiful =O)

  6. Hello Sue, your pigs are very cute, they remind me of the two that we kept. They will have a wonderful life with you, just as little Latte did too.
    Bertie x

  7. OMG ... how adorable are they? I can just feel their bristly hair, hear their little snorts. And I am so sorry about Latte ...

  8. That top picture should be entered into competition, it's a classic!

  9. So sorry to hear about Latte. :(

    Aww cute wee piggies, have you named them?

  10. Thank you for all these lovely comments, the piglets are called Lulu and Lottie and are registered rare breed pigs (Large Blacks).

    Betty is doing very well with an expected delivery date in the second week of May.

    Sue xx


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