Thursday, 29 April 2010

Getting Ready for More Chickens

Today I have been spending a bit of time getting ready for tomorrows arrival of 19 more chickens. 'Eggxtra' supplies were needed ready for for our expansion in the egg market, and more egg boxes required for the millions of sales were are 'eggxpecting' in the near future.
The chicken catching net is just a precaution, I don't like to use a net unless absolutely necessary as it scares the birds. I also ordered some more rubber eggs to go in the nesting boxes to give the new girls a hint at where to lay. I used to have a couple of nice china ones and a couple of rubber ones but someone......

mentioning no names.......... when she was a little baby puppy, instead of the big nusiance puppy she is now, ran off with them thinking they were odd shaped balls, and they have not been seen since.
We are setting off bright and early tomorrow morning to pick up the new girls, so I'll introduce you to them when they have taken up residence on the farm.
Sue xx


  1. How exciting, looking forward to seeing the new arrivals.
    Sarah x

  2. Oohh how exciting! Tee hee giggle at that naughty missy hiding the eggs!
    Thank you so much for your kind message about my mum, she starts chemotherapy next week so at least something is being done pretty soon.
    Thank you again

  3. Can't wait. I love chickens - that sounds funny, like I eat loads of them or something - I don't, I'm a veggie!! Blimey, 19 more chucks, fantastic stuff! K xx

  4. Hi Sue,
    i read your blog regularly form couple of weeks and i love it .
    i love country lif ,animals fresh veggies ,
    wide open spaces.
    and now i am misssing home ,as i am single and stay about 2000kms away from home .
    i would look forward to read about the arrival of new girls .
    have a good day .

  5. I've been trying to outdo your terrible egg puns all afternoon, but no avail...

    Good luck with picking up the chicks (so to speak)!

  6. Can't top bad penny's comment :0)
    Looking forward to the pics...
    Love your cowslips in the previous post. Have a great bh weekend Sue..
    Donna x


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