Sunday 18 April 2010

Holidays are here.......

From today, Monday, I am taking a little Blogging break, as Lovely Hubby is whisking me off to a tiny cottage in Devon to celebrate my birthday. this birthday has been creeping up on me faster than I dare to think, but I have now reached the grand old age of a number that starts with a five and ends with a big fat zero.
There is nothing for it but to grit my teeth and hope that the next 50 years is as varied and enjoyable as the last 50!! And if it's not I want my money back!!

So I leave you with a picture of my labours of Friday afternoon, (made just before the piggy fiasco). Eleven jars of Bramble Jam. I had to make it.........I accidently left the freezer door ajar all night and the 3 kilos of blackberries we picked last September defrosted...........senility already!!
It can only get better........she says.....laughing uncontrollably and falling off her chair.
Sue xx


  1. Have a wonderfull birthday and holiday. xxx

  2. the sun is shining here in devon, its lovely you will have a great time and no hold ups with no flying involved !!!

    have a good time


  3. 50? Y'nowt but a spring chicken lass!
    Have a great birthday and blogging break!

    Sandie xx

  4. Have a fab birthday and a wonderful holiday Jx

  5. Have a great time Sue :0)
    Enjoy yourselves...
    Donna x

  6. Sue the good life certainly agrees with you, 50 no way, you look far too young! Have a wonderful time away with hubby, and a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU X.
    Bertie x

  7. Have a wonderful birthday Sue, enjoy your holiday, love from Sarah x

  8. Happy Birthday Sue. Enjoy your break, you dserve it hun. Sue x

  9. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and have a lovely time in Devon. As Oprah said "50 is the new 40"♥

  10. Have a wonderful time and a very happy Birthday to you. This year seems to be the year of a lot of big 0's. There's a few of us that have had birthdays with 0's on the end.

  11. Happy Birthday Sue - have a wonderful time in Devon xx

  12. Clearly 1960 was a very good vintage. (Guess who also has a "special" birthday this year?) Sunshine just carries on here in Devon so hope you're having a great time.

  13. Have a lovely time in Devon. It sounds like my ideal holiday, and you are having glorious weather!

    I love your posts, they do make me laugh!

    Really enjoyed reading about the free-ranging piggies :-)


  14. hi ,
    loads of birthday greetings your way,
    you are such a hard working deserve the break and i hope you have a lovely time .
    keep good

  15. Happy Belated Birthday .. so sorry I missed this post..I am sure you and your hubby had a fab time in Devon.

    Well done to your parents, they did an amazing job looking after all the animals, and all the gardening they did.. brilliant. :-)


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