Friday, 9 April 2010

Early Potatoes In!

The front of the house is calm and peaceful......around the back there is work in progress. Yesterday was spent planting my 1st Early and 2nd Early potatoes (Lady Christl and Kestrel). and then quickly protecting the beds from my army of little helpers, who were determined to dig up said potatoes as soon as possible to check for signs of early growth and possibilty of edibility.
So here is a quick photo post of work as it happened (I do like it when I'm organised enough to remember to take the camera out with me!!).

I started the day uncovering the beds and lightly digging over the soil.

Cappachino checked I had brought the right trowel for the job.
Another 'little helper' walked the line!

82 potatoes planted.
(I know Dad.......way too close together but they wanted to be cosy!!)
Mystery bag, deposited on the patio by nice white van man!!
It contains every chickens worst enemy........netting!! No more free access to our food!

Using 3 bamboo support hoops I covered the bed.

A ha....say the chickens.....another chance.

But now I've got the hang of this there is no stopping me and within an hour 67 more potatoes are in, and supports fashioned from branches of last years trimmed trees.

The netting is quickly attached, and hopefully our spuds are safe from chickens.

Today I'm having a bit of clean up in the house, (and a mad supermarket dash) as we have guests for supper (real people, wearing clean non-muddied up clothes that need a dust free area to sit on!), and then, only then will I be free to plant the next lot of lovely food stuff in the 'Kitchen Garden'........our new name for raised bed area at the back of the house.

No posting on the Blog tomorrow, as we set off at the crack of dawn to pick up Lulu and Lottie our new Large Black piglets..........I can't wait they are GORGEOUS!!

Excited Sue xx


  1. I like the potato Kestrel, they make lovely baked pots, very tasty.
    You worked hard on the Kitchen garden, I can almost hear the 'girls' complaining about the lack of access LOL!

    Sandie xx

  2. I can't believe it's time to pick up the piglets already, it seems only yesterday I was reading that post! Your house looks fab. What a lovely 'square on' picture of it with the bright blue sky behind :) Aaahhhh.....sunshine and warm days...... Hope your trip goes well.

  3. Well Done! You've worked really hard! You've inspired me to get out and get something...anything!!...planted! Cx

  4. Sue, you're a vegetable growing machine!

    Good luck with the pigs tomorrow. Despite having nine of my own piggies, I envy you your pedigree incomers!

  5. my helpers got into veg patch yesterday - nothing in it yet though - can't wait to see Lulu & Lottie ( great names )


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