Thursday 10 December 2009

Transformations, paint and pressies......

It's been a busy week, so sorry for the lack of posts. We have been decorating the kitchen, it's a huge room, full of farmhouse clutter and things that have never quite got to their rightful place since we moved in last year, not to mention all the wellies, coats and waterproofs needed to live on a farm at this time of year.
We have managed to finish the ceiling now and both doors. Starting tomorrow we will be having a final push and hopefully by Monday we will be done. Of course me being me, decided when I was putting up the Christmas decorations that the dark wood mirror did not look right in the living room (it never has) and decided to paint it cream. I am now on for my fourth coat of paint.....still it will look lovely when it's finished, especially when I drape it with ivy and Christmas loveliness.
Today has been spent taking our lovely dogs to the vets, Sophie for exploratory work on a sore paw and a scale and polish (I'm expecting even sparklier big doggy grins) and little Rosy to be spayed. We've decided against a houseful of little Jack Russell puppies, we have enough on our plates at the moment.
A high spot of my week was the arrival of this lovely little parcel...just for me. I ordered a lovely bag from Pam at Hortensia just look at how beautifully wrapped it was.

And inside........this gorgeous bag will be used to carry all my little bits and pieces to the Farmers Markets, it will look quite at home sat amongst all my lavender loveliness. It's beautifully made with a magnetic fastener and a gorgeous floral co-ordinating lining....I love it. Thank you Pam.

Back soon.

Sue xx


  1. gosh you've been busy.......pop by on Friday to see the snow....

    Gill in Canada

  2. umm yes I too decided against litters of puppies & kittens even though the kids plead !

  3. What is it about this time f year Sue that makes us all want to decorate? Good luck with the big push this weekend x

  4. Lovely bag!

    Well... it is Monday... is it finished..?!!

    Love Charlotte

    ps had same wood painting experience with, of all things, a loo seat! Finally gave up on about the sixth coat and bought a new one from Homebase. Tired of having to balance on edge of loo, and having the seat on newspaper in the sitting room, lol!


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