Wednesday 2 December 2009

A Misty Morning

This morning is so different from yesterday. Today we have woken to a world shrouded in mist.
It rose from the puddle quickly......
...and then slowly the polytunnel appeared.
Looking out from the patio towards the fields the mist sits heavily...
and around the Near Pond the rushes suddenly appear skeletal and damp.
Around Far Pond the bare branches of the trees reach over the water...
and the barn rises majestically in the background.
Through the gateway to the fields I walk with the dogs and the Brown Girls are in the distance...
.... they rush to greet us, as though they hadn't seen us for ages (in fact they were fed just fifteen minutes earlier).
We walk through the fields, looking towards the motorway the field is starting to clear.
Mist clings around the edge of our orchard where the pigs are......
...swooshing away as the sun gets brighter.
We turn and head back for home, the sun is now shining brightly, daring the mist to stay and the barn glows in the warmth of the morning.
A glimpse of our world today.....enjoy yours.
Sue xx


  1. That was such a lovely glimpse of your world today! ;-)

  2. Lovely day! Lovely photos.
    I was up early today but the Sun didn't come out until lunchtime, did make some bread though.

  3. All looks great from here! Could do with some of that sun...

  4. ... thank you Sue, that worked just fine. Lovely sunny morning in Brittany today!


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