Friday 11 December 2009

Progress report.....

Six coats of cream paint later........
Just a quick progress report after yesterdays post.
Lovely Hubby is back up his ladder, I did let him down overnight I assure you. Today we are doing all the walls, not too bad a job as we have lots of cupboards and windows in the kitchen.
Both doggies are back from the vets, feeling very sorry for themselves. After an uncomfortable night we have taken the bucket collar off little Rosy as she is a little touchy feely little dog and couldn't cuddle up to anything with it on. As a compromise she is wearing her little t-shirt to take her mind off nibbling at the dressing. (See Jason, I knew it would come in handy!!)
Sophie is feeling quite poorly with her very sore foot. It turns out she has broken her toes long ago in the past and the bone has healed with an extra layer of cartilidge type material and that is aggrevating her arthritis....oooh age comes to us all. Her sore pad has been stitched and is now living in a saline drip bag! She has, however, the perfect doggy grin and a sparkling set of gnashers. This is her favourite 'alone' space under the desk, where she can be close to whoever is on the computer but feels cosy.
Oh well back to work, I have a few Christmas presents to wrap ready to go in the post, then it's back to decorating.
Final kitchen pictures on Monday. Until then have a wonderful weekend and I hope your Christmas preparations are in full swing, enjoy it. Although Kirsties Homemade Christmas programme is a bit twee she has the right idea and a lovely enthusiam for the childlike side of Christmas....lets not lose that!
Sue xx


  1. Things are looking great...nothing better than a kitchen makeover.....hubbys doing well....look forward to seeing end result. Delivery man has just delivered my new cottage style door for my kitchen larder....think hubby will fit it at weekend.

  2. Ah... more success than my loo seat then!! It looks lovely.

    Hope Rosy and Sophie are okay.

    Love Charlotte


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