Monday 7 December 2009

Busy Weekend

Lavender's Blue..... the Christmas Version

On Saturday whilst Lovely Hubby was left wallowing in mud on the farm, feeding and cleaning out the chickens and pigs and then planting the last few trees, I was firmly ensconced in the warmth and dryness of The Merry Bells Village Hall, Wheatley doing what is hopefully the first of many craft Fairs to be held there.

Lovingly sewn organisers, cushions and stitched creations.

Brilliantly organised by Leanne, aided and abetted by her Mum, Anne the event ran like clockwork. With a raffle and a tombola (of which yours truly won a prize on both) and I also won the 'Name the Teddy' and now 'Jamie' lives in the living room being eyed up by a Jack Russell that has recently taken to savaging teddy bears!!

A fantastic selection of childrens books for every age.

Lots of money was raised for the Royal Marines Benevolent Fund a cause close to LH's heart for obvious reasons.

Beautiful jewellery for the party season and beyond.

LH came to visit during the course of the day, no doubt as much tempted by the thought of the homecaked goodies on the next stall as to see his Lovely Wife!!

The yummiest breads, cakes and scones.
A fantastic array of Body Shop testers.
Hand Crafted stationery sets and cards for every occasion.
What the very best dressed Barbie should be wearing this Winter.
Jams, Chutneys and Marmalades made by the fair hands of Jeanette.
Lovely personalised boxes and door plaques.
After last weeks wind and rain at the outdoor Henley Farmers Market the warmth of the hall was much appreciated and this is definitely the direction I will be going in in future. Apart from anything else my stock does not take kindly to getting wet!!
When I get home it was to a lovely surprise, LH had bought our Christmas tree on his way home. So Sunday saw us fishing the decorations out of the cupboards ready for later and then, after seeing to the animals it was time to start decorating the kitchen, no small task as it is a very large room and full of all the clutter waiting to be dispersed around the house. We got stuck in and by three oclock, when we had a business meeting and had to abandon work, we had got half the ceiling painted and the back door and one window frame done.
Now we just have two more larger windows to do, one more door and the stair spindles and banister, oh yes and the rest of the ceiling and the walls and then we have to put up some cupboards and shelves. Should keep us busy for a while then eh!!
It is nice to see the house improving a bit after a summer of outdoor work, hopefully by the end of the Winter the interior will be all complete and we can get stuck into more growing outside.
Sue xx


  1. Dear Sue,

    I am so sorry for being SO CRAP and not managing to read a single blog in the last week. I am off to job two later, and if it is quiet will try and sneak a bit of catching up in. Just wanted to say thank you for bearing with me and commenting... I do truly appreciate it. And the photo cube thingy is great. Makes a huge difference. Although mine is a bit old and scruffy now. Anyway, thank you, will read later I promise and yours is top of my list :-)


  2. Ah! Now I have finally actually read your post... I was so flat out earlier I wanted to say hi but hadn't read it!

    The craft fair looks lovely - I hope it was a success for you? I have left comments on other people's blogs in the last month or so, saying that I have tried a few of these things in the past and am dismal at them. Too shy to get chatting with people.. just stand there grinning!

    Well done on winning Jamie (and the other things) and I hope he doesn't succumb to the Jack Russel!!

    Love Charlotte

  3. lovely Sue & I'm glad you won some prizes ! We had our village late night opening last night -always pretty and cheerful with sherry, mulled wine & mince pies handed out everywhere !


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