Friday 18 December 2009

First Proper Snow

We woke up today to a blanket of snow gently covering the farm. For Rosie it is her first snow and she is a delighted little doggie. Running in circles and tasting everything. She attempted to walk over the puddle and discovered you can still get wet feet once you're through the surface so she swiftly hopped back onto the wonderful white stuff.

Sophie, who's seen it all before, just ran over to the chicken house and sat herself down waiting for the release of her favourite friends. The chickens, once the pop-hole was opened refused point blank to come down their ramp. To see eleven little heads poking out of the door was a sight to behold.

In a minute I am going out to do my little bit to drag this country kicking and screaming out of the recession and spend, spend, spend. It is my duty as a UK citizen to help the retailers of this land get rich and stay in business.

Have a good day folks.

Sue xx


  1. Hello Sue

    It looks beautiful! No snow for us today, however it looks like we will have some on Sunday morning. I can't wait!

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  2. A small flurry here, but not as much as that, maybe it will be a traditional white Christmas after all!x

  3. Ooh how exciting! I love the image of your chickens peeking out to survey their territory - rather like my two cats who are determined to stay warm and cosy indoors. Only a few snow flakes falling here - nothing as exciting as yours.
    Happy shopping!
    Denise x

  4. Beautiful header. The picture is so beautiful with these tones of blue.

  5. ooh that could make a card that picture - only one small flurry of snow here. Dillon runs out to see his little feathery friends every morning too !

  6. Brrr! Snow here too. Which is fine until you have to do something. Oh well, maybe it didn't really need doing anyway...

  7. Dear Sue,
    Your snowy photo is a masterpiece!!!! Happy Holidays to you, hubby and all the little ones!

  8. Having just got back back from (snowless) uni, I'm off out to take my snow photos around my parents house.
    And I love your take on Christmas shopping, I feel decidedly less guilty now!


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