Wednesday 16 December 2009

'Christmas has Been Delivered'

To quote Margot Leadbetter....'Christmas has been delivered......'
As I was in the kitchen putting finishing touches to the little garland that is decorating the stairs the Parcel Force man knocked on the door, amidst a flurry of barking dogs I signed for this parcel, with a growing grin on my face.
Once again the lovely company my Lovely Hubby is currently working under contract to has sent us a Fortnum and Masons hamper for Christmas. Last year was the first, and a delightful surprise, delivered on the very day we were loading the removal van with furniture to bring to this lovely farmhouse.
Last Christmas was spent camping out in an almost empty town house in Ulverston Cumbria, whilst our furniture sat in a heap in the farmhouse we now call home and the hamper was a little ray of luxury. Contents eagerly devoured whilst sitting on cushions on the floor watching a portable television and sleeping on mattresses on the floor.
This year it is a lovely reminder of last Christmas's fun and laughter amongst all the chaos and a lovely treat we can sit and savour in the luxury of chairs, whilst watching a full sized television and eating round a real farmhouse table. Knowing when we retire it will be to a king sized bed at least....oooh 12 inches off the floor!! And to top off my lovely Christmassy has just started snowing, this picture catching the first few flakes as they fall on the frozen puddle and as I type my car outside the window is turning white with a blanket of snow.
Hope you're enjoying your Christmas preparations as much as I am.
Sue xx


  1. Yummy, lucky you and hard working husband. It's snowing here too.
    Hen x

  2. Oh how fab!
    I would love an F&M hamper!;-)

  3. Ooo thats lovely, well deserved too.
    Sarah x

  4. how fabulous ! I would be so excited too !

    I'm always thrilled with the specialist whisky ( even though I don't drink it ) and chocks etc we receive from my husbands' boat owners
    ( he runs a boat maintenance company )

    Enjoy !

  5. Oh WOW! that looks so, so gorgeous Sue!!
    Love Charlotte

  6. How fabulous! I'm sure you'll enjoy every morsel & you get to keep the lovely hamper too!

    No snow here....


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