Sunday 27 December 2009

Lovely, Long Christmas

Our magical journey home from Peebles on 24th.
We are having THE most wonderful Christmas. It started on the 21st with our trip to Peebleshire, in Scotland to help the lovely Jessie celebrate her 80th birthday and will only end on the 30th December when my Mum, Dad and brother hit the road for home.
On the way to Peebles we stopped by Workington to visit my son Simon (and yes you are LOVELY!!) and his gorgeous family, ate cakes and drank coffee and then dragged ourselves reluctantly away to drive through blizzards and snow storms to reach our destination just in time to tuck ourselves up in bed. We woke to a magical world of white. We helped Jessie prepare for her birthday on Tuesday and squeezed in a bit of last minute Christmas shopping too, wandering through the streets of Peebles in the falling snow and then we had a wonderful night out with our family on Wednesday.
On Christmas Eve we hit the road again to head for Manchester and a wonderful meal at Mum and Dad's, we swapped pressies with them and my brother and then once again we hit the road. Passing lots of other motorists also heading home for Christmas we drove through the evening and arrived home just in time to go to bed and wait for the man in the red suit.

We left a clear car and woke up to this on 22rd!

Of course you saw on the last post, he did not disappoint!

We are keeping on top of all the usual farm jobs, but taking the time to chill and relax. Which Dvd we watch next is decided by 'Santa Racing', me and Lovely Hubby both bought each other wind up Santas for our stockings, so any decision is decided by 'Santa Racing', arguments once Santa has spoken!!

Beautiful Peebleshire

We had a wonderful Christmas present off one of the Welsummers, when she produced her first ever egg on Christmas morning, the pigs have settled into their new winter quarters with gusto and up to now have managed to dig up the concrete floor in two places!!
Normal blogging will be resumed next week, when unfortunately we will not be able to spin out this holiday any longer....sulk. sulk....haha!!
Hope you're enjoying yourselves. Happy continuing Christmas!!
Sue xx


  1. What a wonderful family filled Christmas, made all the more special by a white the way of deciding which film.....just one for us this evening "The Holiday"....easy viewing.

  2. Your Christmas sounds lovely! We are in Manchester - you should have popped in! I was wondering what is your connection with Cottontails - I ordered a Moulin Roty mouse from them just before Christmas and the service was amazingly fast and good :-)

  3. Hello Sue!
    I find myself smiling every time I read your blog! Glad your holiday was so warm, happy and loving.

  4. sounds like you all had a lovely holiday! btw is that a chicken coup in the top photo (with the doggie)?

  5. perfect... who looked after the animals for you as I always have to get someone to stay now our numbers are growing !

    I love the idea of racing Santas - we could have done with that as husband & son got all posessive about the TV remote... easy answer - mum, daughter & I simply switched the TV off & talked or played a game !

    Our celebrations continue with a flying visit from sister in law & hubby who live in Vancouver - our 18th wedding anni on the 30th then friends here on New Years Eve - but it will be the first time our daughter goes out seperatley from us & I'll miss her !

    Glad you are having a wonderful time xx

  6. Animals are usually looked after by our lovely son in our absence, but we do have back up with lovely farming neighbours.

    Sue xx

  7. Wonderful pictures, even the one in my head of the racing santas, may have to invest in one of those myself to end those dilemas where neither wants to give in!
    Glad you are having a lovely Christmas break and well done little Wellsummer, which ever one it was!
    Best wishes for you and your family for New Year and all of 2010
    Take care
    Sarah x

  8. Happy New Year, Sue! Looking forward to a great year in the smallholding section of the blogosphere: best wishes to everyone there from everyone here.


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