Monday, 12 October 2009

A Touch of Xmas at the Farmers Market

A much needed coffee before the doors open.
This Sundays Farmers Market had a slight festive fair, some stall holders braved a bit of tinsel, others had order books at the ready for Christmas cakes, puddings, turkeys and hampers. Me, I showcased (and sold) quite a few of my Christmas gift ideas and lovely cinnamon scented sachets that I had over from my shop in Cumbria last year. Assuring people that there would be much more 'Christmas' at the next Market in November.
It was a pretty buzzy fast moving morning, with most people in a good mood, outside the weather was fine until the last half hour and then the heavens opened.
Luckily for us stall holders this made some people hang on inside the cosy village hall, taking the time to enjoy a freshly cooked bacon butty or turkey roll and an extra cup of steaming coffee. Then suitably refreshed they shopped again, seeing different things on their second trip around the hall and making extra purchases.

And then in dribs and drabs the hall slowly emptied and it was time to pack away, load the van and go home for a spot of chicken house building.

Hope your Sunday was good too.

Sue xx


  1. It's creeping up rather fast now isn't it Sue? I can feel Christmas nipping at my toes! x

  2. Glad you had a good weekend, Christmas goodies are slowly creeping in on most stalls I see now too.

    Piggin lovely pictures of Betty! Glad the girls are all settling in.

    Take care
    Sarah x


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