Monday, 19 October 2009

Take one man...............

Take one man and a barrow load of tools...................
A brilliant days work went on yesterday we both just got stuck in and went for it. It was a crisp, cold, but lovely and sunny day, the ideal weather to do outdoor work, you don't get hot and sticky but you don't feel the cold either as long as you keep going and keep going we did.
Lovely Hubby managed to get all the fence posts in along the house side of the orchard and round the corner to the gate, with stock fencing and two strips of barbed wire fitted at the top and bottom to make the orchard nice and secure for the pigs.
He even managed to get our nice new gate that leads into the neighbouring field hung and working. And whilst he was doing that I planted 240 over-wintering white onion sets in one of last years potato beds and made it chicken proof. Now just a similar of red onions to plant.
Today I am going to sit and draw plans of all our beds, both the raised beds outside and the polytunnel beds and even the tyres at the side of the house so we can list what we have planted and what we plan to put in them next year. I think it's time we were slightly more organised, so we intend to have our own growing book and write down what we plant and what it cost us and what return we get out of it.
Should make for interesting reading in a few years time!
Sue xx

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