Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Best Dressed Man Award

The winner of the Best Dressed Man Award (or what to wear when you're putting chickens to bed) is.........
Lovely Hubby.
Gotcha ( I love you lots.)
Sue xx


  1. Lord I don't think I could show what I wear to put the hens to bed Sue!!! Most funny. Hope the poigs are settling in well x

  2. He looks like a very contented hubby too!
    Love it.
    He dresses like my hub, lives in his shorts too.

  3. just like my hubby too, wonder if it's the in thing judging by the comments, I think I may have missed the fashion train.

    lynn xx

  4. In the summer I regularly put the chooks to bed wearing my dressing gown - a case of settling down in bed and just about dozing off when I suddenly remember the door is still open. Glad no-one is around with a camera to snap me looking like that!

  5. Ab Fab!!!
    Odd attire can be seen in our hen house too from time to time.
    Welcome Maud and Martha, lovely to catch up with all your goings on, I'll try not to leave it so long til next check in!
    Take care
    Sarah x

  6. Hello Sue
    What a great photo! Good for him letting you post it... I take it he knows .. ;-))
    Isabelle x


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