Saturday, 3 October 2009

Piggies on the Farm

A big welcome to Maud and Martha Middlewhite, our latest little additions to the family.
We picked them up earlier this morning and they are now firmly ensconced in their great big pig ark with some bales of straw placed all around to make them feel a little more safe and secure.
If they have not leapt over the bales we will remove them in a couple of days when the girls are more at home and let them explore the rest of their enclosure.
It was a windy journey along the motorway for them from Offley Hoo, but they cuddled in together all cosy in their little straw filled section of the trailer. And on arrival one let herself be carried to the pig ark with the minimum of fuss but lots of squealing, and the other made a bid for freedom, after a bit of persuading she joined her sister in their new home.
At the moment they are quite stressed after their adventure so I will take some more pictures tomorrow when they have had a chance to get their breath back.
Have a lovely weekend. Sue xx


  1. Oh Sue congratulations on the arrival of your piggies. They will be very happy indeed in their new home. You won't be able to tear yourself away, as they are so much fun to watch.
    Bertie x

  2. How exciting....Olly is reading this post and cooing over the piggies...what fun!


  3. Hello there! Do you know each of your little piggies names when you see them? Do you ever get them mixed up? I loved reading about your journey home with them ........

  4. Just brilliant Sue, looking forward to their further adventures, and yours.

    lynn xx

  5. Expect to waste rather a lot of time watching and talking to Maud and Martha!! Our pigs are called Scarlet, Pimpernel, Isadora and (wait for it) Boris Pignatius Johnson, Monsieur le Maayor!!

    Rosie x


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