Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Guest Blogger

Hi, my name is Archie and I used to have my own Blog, called Archie...Shop Cat, but it seems to have vanished. So my Mum says I can have a go on hers today.

I used to write all about my adventures from leaving my pussycat Mum to moving in with Mum and Hairy Human. But now I am older there are some things that Mums are best not knowing (especially when it makes Mum cross, like when I catch and eat the tasty little birds), so I didn't go to my Blog very much and now it has gone.

Now I live on a farm with Mum, Hairy Human, Big Dog, Little Dog, Toby the Big Black cat, 8 Big White birds, 4 Big Brown Birds and 3 Big Pigs, it's always busy and always lots of fun. I have my own little door that me and Toby use to come in and out of our own room where our food dishes and little beds are.
Today I went on a walk with Mum and Sophie (Big Dog) and Rosy (Little Dog). It was wet in the long grass and the sticky things got in my tail, like they always do, so Mum kept pulling them out......OUCH!
We run together and sometimes roll in the wet grass, Little Dog vanishes into the ditches and Big Dog likes to chase the sticks that Mum throws. Me, I'm happy to walk with Mum, sometimes I run on ahead so I can have a lie down and wait for everyone to catch up.
Sometimes I climb high into the trees, I've heard wussy town cats have to get the Fire Brigade to get them out of trees but I can get to the very top and then STILL get down.

When we get to the end of the track around the field we turn around and head back towards the house.

Big Dog usually runs ahead, she likes to get back first the round up the Big Brown Birds, me and Little Dog stay close to Mum and we play chase, and stick fetching. Little Dog finds lots of things to sniff at, but me I listen for the little birds in the hedges and sometimes I go to see if I can catch any.
Sometimes I get in front of Little Dog and have to watch out for her running up behind me.

Then we are home, and it's time to go in for milk and Gravy Bones......I love Gravy Bones!

The Big White Bird comes to tell Mum that there are eggs for breakfast, so we go and get them before coming in for a warm and a snooze.


(was Shop Cat - now Farm Cat)



  1. hi there ! getting used to my hens ! can't wait to find an son thinks the blue egg will give blue omelettes !!! thanks for popping by

  2. Lovely post, Archie! I felt like singing 'and a partridge in a pear tree' when you described your family members. You be good to your Mum, my little friend.

  3. A fun post Archie. Tell Sue I enjoyed my catch up on her other blogs today too! x


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