Saturday, 24 October 2009

Autumn Days

The days are shorter now,. and soon to be even shorter when the clocks go back tonight. My mornings are now taken up by the feeding and cleaning out of the chickens and the feeding of the pigs. It seems pointless to go in and get cleaned up straight after this so while I still have my muddy wellies on we wander the fields the dogs and me. Noticing in detail the changing colours of the leaves and the different light in the sky.
A few last blackberries cling to the brambles but these cannot be picked, for according to an old tradition, they have been 'wee'd on by Satan'! No, I hadn't heard of that one until recently, very strange, but I'm sure the birds appreciate us leaving the last of these lovely fruits for them to feast on before the winter rolls in.
I am having a mini Blogging break for a couple of days as Jason is home from Uni for the weekend and my lovely folks are heading down the motorway to stay for a few days from tomorrow. We intend to have a relaxing time, catching up on news, maybe a spot of tidying in the polytunnel, definitely a bit of retail therapy and most certainly a few good meals.
Have a lovely weekend...back soon.
Sue xx


  1. Hope you are having a lovely weekend with the family. Miss Cottage has been home for the weekend too but has gone back to uni now. :-(

  2. Together we make wonderful xx


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