Thursday, 22 October 2009

Raining Apples

What do you do when everytime you go out you get rained on by make apple and pear puree.
Our inherited apple tree is SO prolific at the moment, the apples on the uppermost branches, that were way past our harvesting reach, are now being thrown with gay abandon by the tree on to the heads of anyone daring enough to wander too close.
Mum had given us some lovely pears on my last visit and there were three left in the bottom of the fridge, so together with a basket of windfalls (jettisons) from the lovely old apple tree that is near the chicken house, I got stuck in and made a huge pan of Apple and Pear puree, some of it was consumed that same night with a crumble topping and the most divine toffee and vanilla icecream.
The last jar (of this batch) is to be saved for a repeat pudding when my lovely Mum and Dad visit next week, if I can resist the temptation long enough!
Sue xx


  1. The appples have been great this year haven't they? Sounds delicious Sue x

  2. It all looks wonderful Sue, you have been so busy getting lots of jobs done even just in the past week!
    Great to see the piggy update, animals do tend to saturate your time don't they! Love the guest blogger too, I'll send Missy to have a read later when she comes back in.

    Take care
    Sarah x


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