Monday, 6 April 2009

Work continues down on the farm.

Just a pretty bear that brightens my day (she was supposed to be for sale on my website, but I've STILL not done it!!). Our highlights this weekend were a lovely meal out on Saturday night at The Lamb, a gorgeous little country pub with big beams and low ceilings (much stooping and ducking for Jason). And then on Sunday morning a trip to the car boot at Warborough,a truly lovely venue on the village green surrounded by lovely quaint cottages some dated as far back as 1666, with loads of stalls, virtually all proper car boots not dealers which makes for a much more fun filled time and plenty of bargains. Of course I had to make a few purchases! Then it was back to work, one of my first jobs this weekend was to stain some more wood for posts and sides for the raised beds and then my main achievement was to get all the tyres planted out with the first of the veggies. A tyre full of compost. Then filled with baby courgette plants.
Then topped off with their very own mini greenhouses. Jason valiantly carried on with the pond clearing and is getting on magnificently. Far pond starting to look clearer at last. Alan did loads of earthmoving with his favourite big toy, and then he completed two of the raised veggie beds. They are pretty big and look even more so now with their sides on. They are 3 metres by two metres wide. Hopefully they will hold lots of potatoes and onions. We are about to start digging one more large one and then three smaller square ones for the salad crops. Sophie the Border Collie ran herself ragged and summed up a tiring weekend for us by crashing out on the grass and refusing to do any more. Hope the sun shone on you too. Sue xx

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