Monday, 20 April 2009

Antiques for Everyone

Yesterday, for my birthday, Lovely Hubby treated me to a day off from pondside clearing, housework, animals, decorating and all the million and one jobs we seem to find to keep ourselves busy here on the farm. We donned our gladrags (well, our clean jeans!) and jetted off up the M6 to Birmingham to the NEC to the fantastic Antiques for Everyone event that was on there this weekend.
Lovely Hubby said I could have my hearts desire, and what was my hearts desire I hear you ask, well apart from Lovely Hubby himself, it turned out it was the sweetest little, well-loved rabbit, now christened Mathilda, wearing her original 1930s dress and bloomers, a lovely blue spotty jug, perfect for spring flowers and, last but not least, an adorable little set of oak shelves, soon to be placed on the wall to the side of the Aga to hold all my many little jars of spices and culinary goodies.
We had a brilliant day and met lots of lovely people. It is a few years since I have been to this particular event and I had forgotten how much I loved the atmosphere.
Many years ago, I used to have a shop called Home from Home that sold lots of little antiquey bits and pieces, but since that time I have steered away from vintage and gone all lavendery, now I think the time has come to combine the two slightly more.
Sue xx


  1. What lovely choices! Glad you had such a good day ! ;-)

  2. What a lovely day that sounds and wonderful items!

  3. Hi Sue it was great to see you all on sunday. love the pics. of you both and Jess. Sophie enjoyed her weekend too as did we all. Looking forward to your next chapter after your farmers market lots of love Mum and Dadxxxxx


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