Tuesday, 21 April 2009

New goodies in the shop

Thank you to all the wonderful people who bought from the first 'delivery' to my little blogshop. Nice to know some of the items have gone to new homes. I have just updated the shop with some more lovelies. If you are interested please just click on the little shop door and come on in.
On the home front I am still at war with the Jackdaws trying to build their nest in the chimney, since we had the Chimney Sweep out last week I have burnt the equivalent of two more nests that have plummeted down the chimney, they have upped the ante and are dropping down anything that fits, branches with buds, branches still with leaves attached, I half expect a full bush at any moment. Everytime they see us go out, they are there, house building at speed, it is a shame if only they would go to the barn there is loads of space in the rafters for a lovely little home, and they would be left in peace to raise their young. Me, I need my fireplace and I'm willing to defend it to the last!!
Sue xx

1 comment:

  1. Hi Sue,

    Sounds like you have an army of crows! I can imagine them sitting in waiting for you to go out so they can start filling your chimney again!

    Your shop items look lovely :-)

    Rose XXX


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