Thursday, 9 April 2009

Brambles, brambles, brambles

They're everywhere, these pesky brambles. Every day we sally forth armed with secateurs, rakes and wheelbarrows and stumble back to the house a couple of hours later torn to shreds and dreading that first imersion in the bath when every little scratch and cut lets you know EXACTLY where it is...............ouch!!
But things are looking better, each and every barrow load of bramble, weed and dead wood leaves the pondside that little bit clearer and we are starting to see a real difference. Today, however, I feel it is an indoor day, the skies are grey and the first spatters of rain are hitting the windows. Luckily (!!) I have lots to do, I am preparing for this months Great Haseley Farmers Market in the village hall. Lots of lavender loveliness and a few easter treats too.
I've been busy this week in every spare moment doing my annual stock take for Lavenders Blue, how did I get SO much. The only saving grace is the delicious aroma as I count the bags of pot pourri and lavender heads..............mmmmmmm.....lovely.

Our lovely little wood at the back of the house bursting with blossom.

Sue xx


  1. I love the fact that I usually learn the meaning of a 'new' word when I read your posts ... in this case secateurs! Thank you for expanding my vocabulary!

  2. Darn brambles, they are lethal! We used my Uncles technique of injecting them with weedkiller but it was a long wait and I am not that patient!
    Off to have a look at your website, trying to catch up on the past few weeks, feels like i've been away for sooo long!
    Take care and have lovely long weekend
    Sarah x

  3. we are moving to the country at the end of the month, and I was thinking of planting brambles along the fence line, now I am having second thoughts!!!

    Gill in Canada

  4. Hi Gill,

    We are actually leaving in a select few of the brambles to grow in the places WE want them too. You can't turn down the thought of virtually free bramble jelly at the end of the season.

    Ours are SO bad because they have not been trimmed back for over 3 years. If kept under control they could be really quite an asset.

    Sue xx

  5. Hi Mum,
    Looking good, them raised beds look better than the ones at 36 HDC. lol.
    P.S the music is a good addition to the blog ;)

  6. Ha ha, slightly bigger eh!!

    Mum xx


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