Friday, 17 April 2009

My Swinging Days are Over!!

Haha....not the kind of swinging you thought.....naughty!!

Lovely Hubby decided to make full use of the old swing set left here by the previous occupiers and remove the swings so he could use the frame for our peas and beans to grow up. Not that he removed all the swings, first he took down the see-saw type thing that was on, then the stand-on platform swingy thing, then just as he was about to remove the little plastic swing seat he looked up and saw my face.......yes, my secret's out I love to swing, and have had many a cup of coffee sat on the swing, deep in thought and planning our next project. So it was spared, although I can't really use it at the moment for obvious reasons, but everytime I see it there I know he loves me and that's as good as swinging.

We have also made use of the old climbing frame for our peas (we love peas and are growing quite a lot). We simply wound some garden wire around the whole frame and then put some bamboo canes in at approriate intervals, we have left a little entrance way at one side of the climbing frame, so Archie the cat can have a little shady den in Summer.

The plants in the tyres are coming on nicely each one in its own little pop-bottle greenhouse, although the other day when it was VERY windy, I spent quite a lot of time chasing the half bottles around the field.

Sue xx


  1. I love it! So very quirky and ingenious - brilliant!
    I'll be round to help harvest the peas, just don't expect any of them to get to the house!
    Sarah x

  2. that will make marvellous support, excellent idea!

  3. How very clever ~ the things we can create out of the unexpected.

    "It don't mean a thing, if you don't have that swing" ..... I love that piece of music!

  4. GREAT title - made me chuckle!! Love the pop bottle idea - vert clever!!

  5. Very behind on blogs Sue so off for a catch up, but love the swing idea x


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