Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter Everyone

My stall.
Hope everyone is having a very Happy Easter. The weather is miserable here in Great Haseley, but the folk aren't. We've just had a lovely morning at the Farmers Market in the Village Hall, and the atmosphere was amazing, the children bustled about finding the painted eggs hidden on the stalls and claimed their Cream Egg as a prize once their score sheets were full, the grown ups drank multiple cups of coffee, ate yummy bacon butties and caught up on village gossip (in the nicest possible way).
Took this photo while there were still some cakes left!
The cake lady sold out of all her gorgeous creations by the end of the morning and the plant stall looked so very Eastery with masses of homegrown daffodils, and lots of young vegetable plants amongst the usual flowery loveliness.
The easter bonnet competition was judged.......and guess who the winner was? Yep, Lovely Hubby won with his master creation, everyone loved the little duck waving from the top of his hat, although it did mean he had to duck(!!) everytime he went through the kitchen door to fulfill his bacon butty making duties. I'm sure he'll share his prize of the yummiest looking Easter egg I've seen for a while with the master designer!
A wonderful morning was had by all and in the usual tradition we retired to the Village pub to put the world to rights over a pint (or two) of cider. This week the main topic of conversation was comparing our Agas (lots of proud owners in the village) and recent charity shop finds.
Enjoy the rest of this rainy Bank Holiday.
Sue xx


  1. Oooh what a lovely Easter stall!
    I hate to say it but we have had sun all day, here in Devon!! ;-)

  2. Happy easter to you too. Our weather was Very Grey!
    Your stall looks fab and finishing off with pint of Cider must have been perfect. I love cider and really getting into the pear now!
    My aga did a brilliant job with our roast duck today! not at all fatty, just crispy skin and tender meat.
    Carol x

  3. HAPPY EASTER!!!xx
    Looks like you's had a great day, we've had great weather up here, took kyle to Silloth on saturday!

  4. What a wonderful day! Love the hat, sorry bonnet! Your stall looks great, lots of lovely things I would like to have! Sounds like you have really settled in well and getting involved in the village routines - pub, bacon sarnies and cider, now that is a routine I could be very happy with!
    Take care
    Sarah x


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