Monday, 27 April 2009

800 miles of Family Weekend

Playing in the garden with Sophie.
This weekend was a complete change, no digging, no planting and no work. Just us the motorway, a couple of vehicles, and lots of stops to visit and enjoy our families. We travelled on Thursday night to Barrow in Furness to drop off our car for its service and MOT and then after a night in a Travelodge it was up the motorway again to Peebles in Scotland for an overnight stay at Lovely Hubbys Mums house.
We sat and talked, and ate and drank on Friday night and caught up on all the family news, what a lovely relaxing evening and then after a good nights sleep, we got lots of little jobs done that she had saved for us, and then she and Hubby visited Dad in the cemetery and after a spruce up and a fresh pot of flowers we felt he had joined in our little happy weekend together too. Then it was time for sad goodbyes and back to the motorway.
We drove back to Cumbria to pick up the car, then we tootled down the road to a lovely little hotel just outside Ulverston. After a gorgeous meal and a couple of drinks it was off to bed (in yet another bed, in another town).
Highly recommended. On the A590 just outside Ulverston.
The Sunday dawned bright and sunny and after the BEST scrambled eggs (for me), and a full English (for Hubby) it was off down the motorway to Manchester and the next family get together.
We drove from Ulverston, Simon and Kyle drove from Seaton and Jason (and Sophie) drove up from Oxford. So we all met up at Mum and Dads and once Graham (my brother) had arrived we all piled into 2 of the cars and went for a lovely family meal. Four generations sat around the table catching up on news and having fun.

Poring over the menu.

Then it was back to Mum and Dads house for coffee and loads of cake, and then fun and games in their lovely garden with Sophie, she loves playing with young children and is the perfect dog to keep youngsters entertained.

Sophie keeping a (not so) youngster entertained too.

You think you can hide from my camera Hubby?

After a wonderful day we all set off for home in various directions, feeling proud that we are one big happy family, and we all appreciate and need each other for all the right reasons.

Special, so very special.

A truly wonderful weekend, and one we needed to energise us and keep us going. Now I'm off to plan a stall for tomorrows Farmers Market in Aylesbury.

Sue xx


  1. looks like you all had a great time :-)

    enjoy the farmers market :-)

    Rose XXX

  2. Four generations !!! It's what life is all about ... family, friends, adventure and connecting. So glad it was a good weekend for you.



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