Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Sue 0 - Birds 1

Eviction complete. (The contents of our chimney.)
A few weeks ago I mentioned (I think) in my blog that I had to light a mini fire every morning to deter the birds from nesting in the main chimney. Well guess what....I missed a couple of days and they won!! Luckily we called the chimney sweep in yesterday and he was able to sweep the chimney and clear it of a beautifully constructed nest (all lined with wool and soft things) before Mrs and Mrs Bloody Annoying Bird could take up permanent residence. Although I am quite sad that all their hard work was in vain, the sight of our living room full of smoke last week and the three of us smelling like smoked kippers takes away a smidgeon of the regret. Sue xx


  1. Oh my goodness!!
    I wonder where they will take up residence next! ;-)

  2. Amazing, it is huge! we found a wasp nest in our loft - it was as big as your wheel barrow! thankfully it was unoccupied!
    Carol x

  3. That is not the nest of a blue tit is it? Its mahussive!
    Thanks for your support on my blog for the supermarket rantings, it is much appreciated to know I am not alone!
    Take care
    Sarah x

  4. I once had a squirrel that took up residence in our basement ~ talk about a challenge removing the little fellow!

  5. It was the luxury penthouse of a pair of jackdaws. They were back today for final alterations..........if I get my hands on them I will post the recipe for Jackdaw Quiche!!

    I believe squirrel is quite tasty too Helen! Haha......

    Sue xx

  6. Hi, just found your blog. Wow, what a lot of birds nesting stuff.

    At least you will be able to get all snuggly and warm in front of your fire without being smoked out now!


  7. Quick update - Birds 2 - Sue 0. Yep...they're back, bigger and better and we once again are looking like chimney sweeps, smoked out of our own living room!!

    Sue xx


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