Thursday, 22 June 2017

Two Cupboards Done ... and Dusted

I thought after Tuesdays post I would just put up the photos of the finished cupboards for you to see ... before I move on to two more later  :-)

This was how this cupboard looked 'before'.

This was the 'after of this particular cupboard (I forgot to take a before ... oops) but by the time I had done the top wall cupboard I had half a shelf of free space so I moved our Aston Pottery set to that one instead.

So now this is the 'after' shot of this particular cupboard, ... even better.

Confused ... yeah me too, and Alan won't be able to find anything when he gets home tonight   ;-)

The excess has been priced, wrapped and popped into this weeks two large car boot sale boxes that I am determined to fill by Saturday, and the cupboards have been dusted and wiped out and everything seems fresh and clean ..... and so much lighter on my mind.

Sue xx


  1. What nice neat, clean cupboards - You have inspired me (or made me feel guilty) I must sort my kitchen cupboards out!!!

    1. Once I've done one I'm always more inspired to do the rest ;-)

  2. Colin can't find things even if they've been in the same cupboard for 10 years!

  3. Looks so neat and tidy, I should follow your example. However, each time I try to do this, I can't actually get rid of any of it, everything seems to be needed, even if it hasn't been used for years! My overstuffed and untidy cupboards are a mirror image of my mind:( Keep up the good work and maybe one day I'll take the plunge. By the way, though I don't often comment on blogs, I just wanted to say that it is great to see your's back, I really missed reading all you and your husband have achieved and what hard workers you are, so, welcome home! Best wishes, Terry In Surrey

  4. The kitchen cupboards are next on my declutter list xx

  5. I'm always protective over my cupboards hubby says there are too many cups or bowls etc. But I've learnt the minute we give any a way we end up breaking some and we have to pay to replace them. I am gradually going over to all white so I can add pieces easily.

  6. Looking at your jugs in that bottom picture Sue makes me realise that my jug cupboard has about twenty in it - a few at the back I haven't used in the past twenty years and belonged to my mother in law.

  7. Looking at your photo at the top is like looking through a window. Love it x

  8. I like white dishes too - it's good to have a clear out - I am not sure how it all accumulates so quickly but it does. Good luck with the Boot sale.


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