Thursday 15 June 2017

Just Two Hens

"I don't know what to do with myself, the corn was nice, the water was cool, I've laid an egg but there's no one left in the henhouse to talk to ....

... oh hello where are you going?"

"I'm going this way."

"That way ... oh I was going the other way."

"Oooh  which way should I go?"

"Come with me if you like .... I've heard there are lots of worms and grubs under the old apple tree."

"Worms and grubs .... oooh yes, wait for me."

Just Two Hens xx


  1. Oh gosh - What's happened to your chooks in Chicken World? Have you just got 2 remaining and will you be getting more?

    1. Haha .... no we've still got all the girls but only two are posting today 😏

  2. Nice golden eggs then from all those worms and grubs.

  3. I was a bit worried then too! Beautiful, I still miss mine.

  4. Funny! I like to talk for my hens, too. Otherwise, how will people know what they are saying?

  5. Couldn't you just sit and observe hens all day?? I could, they are such characters. :) X

  6. Oh I am so glad you have still got your girls. I get it now, it's just those two hogging the lime light and fancied being photographed.


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