Thursday, 8 June 2017

After the Weekend ... Polytunnel Progress

Of course after a weekend away there's the inevitable catch up needed back at home ... mostly in the polytunnel.  

(This picture was taken from the back doors of the tunnel .... the opposite way to how I usually take photos of the tunnel.)

For the last few weeks the polytunnel has had it's doors open during the heat of the day to make the temperatures bearable for both plants and gardener, so although I wanted dry, sunny weather for our little jaunt down south, the grower in me had her fingers firmly crossed for cool overcast weather knowing that the doors would be shut and the temperature inside would rise.

I think I just about got away with it. 

Although the small tomato plants in the hanging baskets were decidedly droopy they, and indeed everything else was quickly revived with a cooling drink of water.

I set to yesterday potting on all the seedlings that had grown large and strong in my absence.  These trays have the Cosmos seedlings and the Sweet Peppers.

In the bed to the left of them I have four yellow marrows and a small run of beetroot seedlings.  I totally forgot to sow any pumpkin seeds this year, so I am officially declaring 2017 the Year of the Marrow  :-)

The three pots in the green tray have Cucumber plants in them ready for the next car boot sale, or for sale at the farm gate. I held them back in case my three planted cucumbers failed but mine are well established so someone else will be able to benefit from these.

On the workbench I have a few pots of mixed 'edible flowers', just potted up and looking pretty healthy.  I could have put them into the beds but I think there is more chance of them being used in the kitchen if I have a pot or two at the back door.  They'll brighten the patio up and be handy for picking to add to salads etc.

Also on the bench, still in their pots are the smaller Kale plants, they will be added to this years kale polytunnel bed tomorrow when my back has recovered from todays hard labour.

The salad leaves obviously had a good weekend!! 

I gave everything a real over-watering before I left and they obviously enjoyed having their feet in water for a few days.  These too will be planted into a polytunnel bed tomorrow.

In this photo are (clockwise from the left) Sweet Basil, Mizuna, Cos Lettuce and Rocket.  Just in shot at the back is a tray of Broccoli rescued from the 'dead plant section' of Wyevale last week when I was there with my Mum.  Well you can't say no to a tray of veggies for 50p can you?

I better get on with a few housey post holiday chores now before I nip up the road to cast my vote.

Sue xx


  1. I can just smell that greenhouse smell as I read this, and feel the warm air.

  2. It is all looking so lush and healthy.

  3. There are so many supermarkets out there with plants on large mobile trollies that are left to die. My local Lidl is terrible, I almost pushed the trolly into the open when it was raining the other day. It's criminal. The plants must breathe a sigh of relief when someone like you rescues them.

    1. This actually upsets me!! Aldi are the worst offenders for not watering! Makes me just want to wheel them all away with me lol.

  4. Lookng good and looks like salad for tea soon. Going away for the weekend is a big problem for us at the moment it means we can grow very little in the way of veg either in Yorkshire or Scotland as there is no-one to water them. You seem to have got away with the weather and everything survived.

  5. Everything looks to be thriving and nothing seems to have suffered from your weekend. The amount of salad stuff looks good too - so no trouble in deciding what's for tea.

  6. It's all looking really good in your Polytunnel. All your hard work is paying off and you will have some fabulous veg to harvest this season.

  7. Looking good - love your polytunnel!

  8. sue, I tried leaving the following comment on your blog post about the Sealed Pot challenge, as it seemed more relevant there. But it wouldn't post, so I'm putting it here in a minute. Your veggies are looking lovely and I'm a wee bit envious of your polytunnel, I have to say. But at least this year I have some space to plant and I'm enjoying every minute. Still watering by hand, as the system my cousin made isn't hooked up yet. I've been eating from my plants for a couple of weeks now and it's so wonderful and satisfying to do so. Anyway, here's my comment/question:
    Hi, Sue. I was referred here by Moonwaves. I've been looking for Mrs. SFT's blog as I'd like to re-join the Sealed Pot challenge after an absence of over a year. But each time I end up at a Google page asking me to 'sign in'. Do you have any idea what has happened to her blog? It is wonderful and full of tips for saving, many of which I have used. If you'd like to email me, my address is: maelinne (at) hotmail (dot) com Thanks so much.

    And, since I was here anyway, I've been having a peek around and finding your blog delightful, too. I'll be back! ~ Linne I haven't posted much in the past year, due to various things going on in my life, but I'm about to begin again. :-)

    1. Yes, I got all your comments, thank you. Comments on older blog posts come to me first for moderation to cut down on spam ... I just published one of them on the older post 😊

      What you are getting for SFT's blog means that she has made her blog private either just for her own use or to suspend rather than delete her content.

      There is no on going 'Sealed Pot Challenge' that I know of but there are still lots of us out here actually doing it, me included. It's a really good way of saving up for many things.

    2. Thanks, Sue, for your response. I was really hoping to re-connect with her, partly as her posts were so useful and interesting. I guess I'll just have to start another sealed pot challenge on my own . . . totally doable, of course, just maybe a bit less fun.

      Thanks again for taking the time to reply. See you again soon. ~ Linne

  9. I hope you are proud of the top photo you posted.
    It looks amazing!
    Thinking back a couple of years you have achieved so much, not just on the land but also
    In hard landscaping and buildings.
    Enjoy your first "summer" with both of you at home. It must be wonderful to have reached the dream of working the land together and securing your future.
    On a completely different subject how are you getting on with your changed diet?
    Do you find it difficult to cook meat now?
    I'm so glad that you are blogging again. Sue


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