Tuesday 13 June 2017


I've picked up some brilliant plant bargains just recently, perhaps it's been because I haven't really been food shopping so much and have had my eyes open for other things.

The two large plant pots in the top photo were a really good find early on a quiet Monday morning at Tesco.  They had obviously just been given a good watering as they were dripping wet and by the time I had arrived were already perking up nicely.  They both contain four plants, Lavender, Rosemary, a Pepper and a Tomato plant, annoyingly it doesn't give any information about the plants but they are healthy enough and I think I'll repot them into their own pots soon.  At the moment they are stood on the patio looking really good in the big terracotta pots they came in.  The pots alone are worth the £2.50 I paid for each pot.

There were four for sale at this price but I left the others for someone else to grab a bargain.

A couple of days later also at Tesco I came across these trays of French Marigolds reduced from £2 each to just 20p each ... and you know me I had a PLAN  in mind straight away  :-)

My plan was to take one of the trays of marigolds and plant them where I need them to attract all the beneficial insects for my crops ...  and then use the other along the lines of yesterdays post ... making money from virtually nothing.

Potted up in some old black plastic plant pots that cost me nothing, the marigolds will be added to either this weeks or next weeks car boot sale stall.  Hopefully I will be able to get 50p each for them now they are already getting bigger. 

So I should be able to make £3 for my 20p outlay ...every little helps and adds nicely to the Food and Plants Fund.

While I was at Tesco there just inside the doorway there was a wire tray full of these boxes ...

...all reduced to clear.

So altogether for the marigolds and these packs of flower bulbs I spent a grand total of £1.50, the full retail price should have been £14.  If I make the hoped for £3 at the car boot sale I will be £1.50 in profit and have lots of flowers for us ....and the bees.

Plant bargains make me just as happy as food bargains.

Sue xx


  1. You did very well.

    God bless.

  2. What are the boxes Sue, I couldn't see clearly?

    Joan (Wales)

    1. You can click on the photos to make them bigger.

      In the boxes are - Pink Peonies, Persian Buttercups and a selection of pale pink flowers including Lilies.

  3. Good, we need to buy plants for our garden and we don't have much budget for it!

  4. Lovely savings that will make good profit.

  5. I am so envious of those big pots of herbs and if I had known you were leaving two of them for someone else I would have had a trip to the Welsh Tesco LOL!

  6. I agree, plant bargains are as exciting as food bargains!

    I just discovered that you are back and I am tickled to death! Your blog is one of a few that I very much look forward to and keep up with regularly. I checked on a whim a few days ago and here you were...


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