Friday 22 January 2016

Mother is Flowering Again

'Mother' our Christmas cactus is having another flowering spurt. 

 She seems a very happy girl this year, whenever she bursts into flower I give her a drink of Baby Bio and extra water .... maybe she's just addicted to Baby Bio and knows what to do to get some ;-)

As you can see she's currently living on top of the chest freezer ....

... if you look in the mirror above Ginger's dishes you can see why ... I have commandeered her usual place on the table to paint a chair. 

 I hate painting chairs especially ones with lots of turned bits, they take ages and just when you think you've finished and step back to admire your handiwork you notice a whole strip of wood still left not painted.  But at last, three coats of our favourite shade of green paint later and it's just about done.

So Mother will be able to move back to her favourite bit on the table and bask in some of this lovely sunshine we've been having today.

Sue xx


  1. Can't beat a plant happy in their environment!

  2. So its you stolen our Essex sunshine ;0) Its a very grim day here but like you I have some lovely flowering to cheer me up.

  3. Thanks for the IAMS information in your comment on another blog, I've read up on it and won't be buying it again. (perhaps the recipient of your comment doesn't approve of being told how to feed her pets but I certainly appreciate your information)

  4. We have an Easter cactus and a Christmas cactus and I am confused. The one which flowers at Christmas is a very pale pink, but the one which flowers at Easter is the same shade of pink as yours. Have they got their timings/identity's mixed up do you think? Only joking, I'm sure there's a simple explanation.

    Joan (Wales)

  5. Mother is a beautiful pink girl. We have a white Christmas cactus, yours has more flowers but ours is pretty too and I like how they live many years.

  6. a beauty, i have read " bloom where you're planted", maybe she likes the warmth of the freezer. :)

  7. I have on of these that was the last thing My Mother in Law and Father in Law bought for me before he died. It flowers in February ( which is when we lost him) andalways makes me think of him.

  8. I thought I'd bought a Christmas cactus early last year but alas it grew up to be a Mexican hat plant :(
    I will have one eventually


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