Saturday, 5 September 2015

Ladies (and Man) Who Lunch

Last week while Lovely Hubby was off work we both went to Mum's for the day.  We nipped out as is our usual very nice habit, to the garden centre for a spot of lunch and a good natter.  Me and Mum do this regularly and it was nice to introduce Lovely Hubby to the concept of 'ladies who lunch'.

We also introduced him to the concept of ladies who like shopping at garden centres after lunching, and he was only too happy to join in with the bargain hunting.  With the end of season sale now on, which means they are making way for  shhhhh ..... Christmas decorations, I've put in small so as not to alarm anyone ....  there were lots of bargains to be had, but my best bargains were some packets of seeds to plug the gap in what I already have for next year that I've been collecting on my magazine each month and ....

... I might have been tempted to stock up on gardening gloves!!

These should see me through a good few years and at just £2.50 for three pairs,  reduced even further from the usual offer price of £4.99 for three pairs, I think it was a worthwhile purchase.

He enjoyed being an honorary lady who lunched and even bought us an additional coffee to refresh us after a really good shop  :-)

Sue xx


  1. That's a good buy on the gloves. I usually get one pair from the £1 shop.

  2. Yep, definitely enough gloves there for a while, I wonder if you will still end up losing all the right(or left) hand ones like we do here.

    1. I've been seen walking the dogs with different coloured gloves as I can't find a matching pair!

  3. Always love a bit of garden shopping! Love the gloves - such a bargain and great colours.

  4. You can buy chick pea and lentil seeds????? Can you see how green I am now?!
    Jane x

  5. Sue, I'm fortunate in that my hubby really loves to shop, and love to eat out, so we do that on occasion. We are both really content with mostly window shopping.

  6. That's a very good price for gloves. I get mine from wilko. They do extra small.

  7. We had a lovely lunch out today. I bought 4 pies for 40p in the rtc section of the supermarket last night. I warmed them through in the mini oven, wrapped them in foil and put them in an insulated bag, made a flask of coffee and set off for the beach. It was absolutely freezing and blowing a gale on the beach, but the hot pies were very welcome and warmed us up x

  8. I do like a good clearance sale. X x


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