Thursday, 3 September 2015

Forgetting My Head .....

Sometimes I think I would forget my head if it were loose, and this from the person who has to remind Lovely Hubby of everything!!

Yesterday in between showers I took the dogs for a brisk walk around the paddock, on the way we called into the polytunnel and I spotted two cucumbers that most definitely needed cutting off the plant.  So I did.

Rather than carrying them with me for the dog walk I popped them on top of the gatepost where I would be unable to miss them when we came back .....

... do you see what I spotted from the bedroom window later on in the day, after many, many more heavy showers of rain.

Yep ... two cucumbers - missed.  Well at least they had had a good washing !!

Sue xx


  1. Ha Ha ! This kind of thing happens to me all the time Sue x

  2. Lol that's kind of thing I would do especially if I was walking my hounds :-) at least you spotted them before the birds did. dee :-)

  3. hahaha bless you, I must admit i feel better knowing it's not just me who does things like this! cucumbers are full if water anyway, it won't make a difference to the taste haha :)

  4. Well you spotted them before the slugs did x

  5. Some days I could hide my own Easter eggs......

  6. Apparently it's healthy to have seven senior moments per day;-))) Cucumbers look delish. ENJOY. Love your blog

  7. That is just about as bad as walking from one room to another and forgetting why you were there?

  8. Ha ha! I know you keep talking about interesting gate post toppers, but .....!!!

  9. Wish I could say I wouldn't have done that but unfortunately I would lol


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