Thursday, 16 October 2014

Woolly Pullies and Dirty Doggies

Here's Mavis modelling the latest in woolly pullies for pooches. 

Shhhh.... don't tell her but next Tuesday she's off to the vets for a little op.  We are getting her spayed, as we get all our dogs and cats done, it's the sensible way forward for all pets in my opinion. No unwanted litters of puppies or kittens to find homes for, and even more importantly better health for them in their later years.

Mavis was due to get spayed way back in April of this year just after she went missing, but now she's back and almost back to full health and her natural weight, it's time to carry on as though she's never been away.

As I don't like dogs coming home from the vets with 'buckets' on their heads, Rosy was SO terrified and wouldn't sleep until it was removed,  I now always buy them a little t shirt to cover their wound and stop them pulling out the stitches, in Mavis' case with it being almost Winter and her being such a Skinny Minnie I decided on a jumper.

I think she looks very fetching in it and she modeled it and took to wearing it very well.

Although she wasn't too pleased at having to pose for the pictures!!

And the dirty doggies bit of the title of this post ..... well the final hole was dug yesterday while I was away for the day at Mum's, and the soil removed from the hole was heaped up on the path next to it.  So after always making the dogs walk on the path to the back door rather than the grass which gave them wet feet, we are now having to reverse it and try to make them walk on the grass rather than the path as their way is blocked by a mini muddy mountain and they will insist on climbing over it!!

Yes we do use towels on the floors to catch as much of the mess as we can, we can't use newspapers as a certain little puppy girl would shred it all over the place.  Mopping is the way forward and after watching Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners on TV last night .... I think I may be joining them  ;-)

Sue xx


  1. Aww bless her. We are thinking of getting rosie done as she's 7 and the get said after the menopause she is likely to have problems. We will have to wait though as she is having a phantom pregnancy at the mo I think in sympathy with me :)
    Great idea about the jumper. I think I might use that myself.
    I love Mavis ❤️❤️❤️

  2. One of our bitches is being spayed on Wednesday. We had planned on having her done and then discovered a lump in the mammary area. So both are being done at the same time. I'm not looking forward to the bucket on the head either so I think I will make a little tee shirt too - thanks for the idea. We'll both be nursing dogs back to health next week x

  3. Absolutely fabby idea. All of our animals have hated the bucket.

  4. Nice new picture!
    Good idea of the doggy jumpers. We had our brother and sister Jack Russell spayed as well once 1 year old, but they never had to wear these strange buckets. I don't know why not, because I saw other dogs still wearing them. Strangely (or luckily) enough they didn't even lick at each other's wounds.
    Good luck next week with the lovely dog girl.

  5. Dear little Mavis , she is beautiful x

  6. Oh, that sweater is darling.

    God bless.

  7. Good to see Mavis coming on a treat. She looks splendid in her woolly coat.


  8. Mavis, you look divine daaaaaaaaarling!
    Jane x

  9. I've had all my dogs and cats done (and myself lol) but I didn't know that dominant females can get worse after being spayed as I found out with my German Shepherd!

  10. All our dogs are done. Mainly because they had pups I would have to keep them all, then we definitely would be over run! The woollie looks great. My mop has been doing overtime this week!!

  11. I think red is definitely Mavis' color! Good luck at the vets!

  12. I made one for one of our dogs who has a medical condition that means she has very thin hair , was she gratefully she was not . She spent all her time finding ways to get it off Mavis is obviously better behaved than Pippa

  13. I keep coming back to that cute first picture; she looks so happy and relaxed; she knows she's loved!


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