Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Sharing, Destruction and Pizzas

So what do you think these two are up to then?

Suky is sleeping through it all.

To-ing and fro-ing, tugging and sucking ..... yes, they're sharing one doggy chew.  

They each chewed an end until they met in the middle, I didn't see who got the last bit, unless of course it simply snapped in the middle and they each got to eat their own end.

Mavis and Charley are turning into partners in crime.  

Yesterdays naughties included upending the kindling basket and have a good chewing and scattering session all over the living room floor, and demolishing the old dog bed, there was foam and wadding everywhere, and as both dogs were discovered with Father Christmas-like beards the culprits were easy to spot.  But whereas a telling off will send Mavis into her bed a serious look of contrition on her face, Charley with all the confidence of always being with people that love her and treat her fairly and squarely looks at you with those big, dark puppy eyes and defies you to be cross with her for long. 

Mavis has seen too much bad treatment in her poor little life, I can never be cross with her for more than a few minutes.  She's always being cuddled and reminded that now she's home there will be no one to hurt her ...... and only people and animals that will love her.

Suky and Rosy keep themselves to themselves when the madness and mayhem kick off, but looking at Suky's tongue peeking out I think she is dreaming of a tasty snack.

Something I had last night.

After finding two homemade pizza bases in the freezer I decided that the remaining roasted vegetables would make a perfect pizza topping.  Sprinkled with the last of the grated cheese and popped in the Aga for 15 minutes.

One for my tea, and one taken out just over half cooked to go back into the freezer.

It all goes towards helping with Stoptober.

How are you doing now that we're one week in?

Sue xx


  1. Hi Sue, Mavis & Charleys antics have had me laughing away to myself, I can just picture them, x

  2. My mobile phone died after 6 years so I had to buy a new one. However, I'm on a £8 a month contract so I just had to replace the actual phone for £18 (nothing fancy!). After coming home late from the hospital the other night after husband's accident, I was so so tempted to buy a takeaway, something we never do. We hadn't eaten all day and were stressed and shattered. However, I still cooked our yellow sticker planned meal and we ate at 9pm (having to cut up OH's food like a toddler's). I love the dog photos. Our rescue doesn't cope well with a telling off either. She was in a bad way even the day after OH's accident - just so sensitive.

  3. It's lovely to see Mavis finally enjoying a puppyhood she probably never had, poor mite. She and Charley are obviously good for each other :-)
    And the more attached she becomes, the less you'll have to worry about her doing another runner.

  4. Oh I bet you were cross about the mess but how could you be angry with those little faces? ;) I love them both but I have a huge soft sport for Jack Russells-those expressive eyes and mischief :)

  5. Sue, I did get through the grocery store without buying any additional meats, despite some sales, so I can get my freezer emptied. Just got fresh vegetables and basics. Love your doggies. My Polly is usually pretty good, but she loves to pick a fight with her older sister, until Izzy has had enough.

  6. Look at those sweet little doggies, I bet you really can't stay cross with them for long!

  7. Ah bless 'em! They try your patience at times, but we couldn't be without them.
    Jane x

  8. Ah it's super nice to see Mavis has a chum, even if they do lead each other on. Those two eating the same snack reminds me of Lady and The Tramp eating spaghetti together.


  9. Lovely photos of the 2 little ones….especially the last one! My schnauzer is behind me at the moment " moaning" as only a schnauzer can…...as it is nearly his food time…I might have to give in and feed him before we eat…I can't stand the pain he is obviously feeling!

  10. I love the doggy mischief! My own stoptober is going.........ok but I am really trying! xxx

  11. Goodness! Mavis and Charlie look ripe for devilment, don't they! Partners In Crime in capital letters!!! Lovely photos. Good luck with your frugality drive! You're doing so well.

  12. Wonderful to see Mavis looking so well. I know what you mean about not being able to be cross with her - I can't ever be annoyed with Daisy knowing how close she came to not surviving.


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