Monday, 24 February 2014

Matinee Perfomance

On Friday I dropped the dogs off at our local kennels for the first time, we wanted to make sure they were happy there for a couple of days before we even think of leaving them for longer, and this was to have been Mavis' first trip away from home overnight so we didn't want it to be a long one.
 I headed over the border into England and then plummeted down the motorways to stay with Lovely Hubby at his digs in Berkshire.  We treat these journeys as a means to an end and actually I love been on the (almost) open road with my music or Radio 2 for company, an apple within reach and a stop for a Costa at the halfway point.  We went out for a meal on the Friday and then set off for a whole day out on the Saturday.  With no dogs to take with us or even to get back for we were free to stay out as long as we wanted, and it's been a long time since we've managed that.
We decided to do something that we haven't done for years and that was to go to the pictures, we had no idea what was on and when we got there with it being the end of the half term school holidays there were many more choices for those under four foot tall than those over.
We took pot luck and chose 'A New York Winter's Tale'.  Luckily we had never even heard of this let alone read any of the dire reviews it seems to be getting.  We took it as we found it and really enjoyed a couple of hours of complete escapism.
Leaving the cinema in daylight always seems somehow very strange, as though you have been transported to another world briefly and then deposited back out on the pavement to continue your day, a feeling we had not experienced for quite a while and one we totally enjoyed being reminded of.
Now I'm back home and in a few minutes will be setting off to pick up the dogs.  I was suddenly wondering if they get a similar feeling when they come out of what must be a strange and doggified world, with different routines to get used to and lots of other dogs to meet and play with, and then all of a sudden they are picked up and after a brief car ride home, are plonked unceremoniously back into their familiar, normal world.  A world that consists of  their own dog beds, favourite toys and the half chewed chews that they put down only a couple of days ago and that are still waiting for them half under the sofa.
I know one thing ... the house is a quieter and emptier place without my little bundles of excess energy, although somehow I get the feeling that Ginger the cat has really enjoyed his time alone.
Sue xx


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time and I am sure the dogs enjoyed the break too.

    X x

  2. Who fed Ginger & saw to the chickens ? Have you made a friendly neighbour ?

    1. They are fine for up to two nights away. Ginger eats dried food from his large dish after a breakfast of tuna before I leave, he has the large bowl of drinking water that he normally shares with the dogs and access to the outside through his catflap.

      The chickens feed from large hoppers and have numerous water drinkers that I always ensure are full before I leave. The take themselves to bed at night as usual, and just have to put up with the pop-hole being open. It's only draughty near the door but they can choose the higher roosting bars and the nesting boxes to keep cosy. They are surrounded by electric fencing which is switched on when we are both away overnight.

  3. I was going to ask the same thing BadPenny. I am just looking into getting a few hens (a trio of bantams probably as I am in a suburban garden and they can't fee range so as large a run as I can get in) but am just concerned about their care when we go away overnight to visit relatives.

  4. Lol. You make me laugh out loud. I have a half chewed raw hide bone near my feet. X


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