Monday, 16 December 2013

Lovely Blogging Friends

I'm so lucky in this lovely Blogging world I inhabit. 
 I have met, both online and in person, so many lovely people.   You all know who you are so I don't have to list names, some of you have Blogs and some of you don't.    We've just received a lovely Christmas card and message from Philadelphia because my address was inadvertently left public on someone's Blog for a while, and then this week while we sat down to breakfast before the final push in the decorating there was a knock at the door, it was our friendly postman Geraint, yes his nickname is Geraint the Post, everyone seems to have names that either hold their profession or their house name it is very good as straight away you can place the person being spoken about.
He took a signature and swapped it for a very interesting package.
Inside the package, a beautifully handmade card, which now stands in pride of place on our mantelpiece ...

... a pair of lovely (and perfectly coloured) placemats, our breakfast suddenly got a lot smarter :-)

There were also two drinks coasters and a pot holder.
What can I say ..... I love them, we love them and we love even more that Anne took the time to make them for us, this is so special and we really cannot thank you enough.  Hence this blog post to put down in the history of our move that a very special Blogging Buddy made something so special just for us.

Thank you Anne,  Sweet Blondie Blue Eyes, who was formerly know to us all as SilverSewer,  visit her lovely Blog HERE and see what a lovely lady she really is.
I'll be back tomorrow with more news and updates on the final days of decoration at the new place.  It's all systems go ... thank goodness.
Sue xx


  1. How beautiful, lovely Anne. The fabric is just you - green background with chickens. We look forward to seeing a picture with the goodies 'in situ'. Hope you are ok, look forward to the updates!!

  2. Oh that really is a lovely gift. Hope things are going well with the move.

  3. What a thoughtful gift, how lovely of Anne to send that to you


  4. That's so nice! I've met a lot of lovely people around the world too. :)

  5. Blogging opens up the world as you know Sue, How lovely of this lady Anne , and a huge surprise.

  6. How generous & beautifully made.

  7. Anne is wonderful. When my Dad was ill, she sent me a quilt that she had made to cheer me up. I lent it to him as it was light and warm. Wwhen he passed, it came home to me & now when I cuddle up in it, I think of my Dad and how generous Anne is.

    1. She really is a lovely lady isn't she. so thoughtful and generous with her skills and time. Her craftsmanship is simply outstanding. We will think of her every time we use them and the wonderful world of Blogging friendship..


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