Monday, 2 December 2013

Friendship and Keeping it Simple

I've decided to keep this theme of 'Keeping it Simple' running as a thread through my Blog posts.
 Mainly because it helps keep me focused and keeps it on my mind and after all this Blog is really just my online diary, that you all choose to read it is brilliant and you are very welcome here, but the things I write are aimed mostly at me, so if I plug away at this it will, hopefully, become even more ingrained even more second nature and even more the way I want to feel about all the things that I am and do.
I had a nice couple of hours with one of my Blogging Buddies the other day, just a simple lunch with lots of coffee and chat, catching up on our lives since our last meet up.  It didn't cost us much, just a wee bit of organisation and a couple of emails.  We had lunch and then walked back to our cars and stopped off at a lovely little antiquey/junky shop that Karan knew of.  We both made little purchases, just small things that made us happy, mine was a lovely bunch of old wooden spoons for the princely sum of £2, including a Spurtle to join my other one.
They are already safely sat in a jug in the new house waiting for the day when I will reach up to grab a spoon to stir whatever pan of soup or stew is bubbling away on the Aga.  A simple thing to do but each and every time I do so I will think of that day, that lunch and time spent with a friend.
It doesn't cost a lot of money to have happy reminders, and rather than a naff ornament something useful and simple is for me, the order of the day.
They are photographed outside not because of some arty farty moment on my part but because it was so dark in the house the camera just was not picking them up nicely, the minute I stepped outside to photograph them I just had to grab the Rosemary plant that Karan  bought me on her very first visit to see me a few months back .... an edible memory of friendship too :-)
Sue xx


  1. Lovely! I do so agree with the keeping it simple idea.

  2. Lovely, I completely agree with you about friendship shouldnt cost any thing. when my friend and I 'do coffee' it means a flask on the beach. Perfect! Lovely photo. :-) x

  3. Had to look up " spurtle" ! I have got to 68 without needing one, so hardly surprising! Loving the story of your move to Wales.

  4. Nothing wrong with having an arty farty moment from time to time, lol.

  5. I have tools that I use everyday that have a story and a memory behind them, like my block plane that my friend who taugh me my trade bought me for my 21st birthday or my hammer that a friend who's now in the marines gave me. It makes things that little bit more personel

  6. These spoons are the tools of your trade, what a lovely reminder of a friendship x

  7. I think it's a great idea to keep a running theme through your blog, I look forward to your upcoming posts :)


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