Thursday, 5 December 2013

Baking for the Weekend

Firstly thank you to everyone who left such nice comments yesterday, we had a wonderful anniversary.
Baking for the weekend is something I have got into the habit of doing every Thursday, rather than waste precious time cooking full on meals while we are at the house in Wales it's nice to eat simply and take ready made meals straight from the fridge or freezer.  Not wanting to suddenly start buying in ready meals that means a bit of batch baking before we go.
Last week I made two quiches using up all the odds and ends that were in the fridge here and some of our own eggs.  Quick and easy to make and delicious either hot or cold as the fancy takes us once we are there.  They are also wonderful to slice up and take into the services with us to have with our weekly treat of a C*sta coffee, en route, I know I could save even more money and take a flask but we decided that this treat will stay while we are working so hard ..... we're worth it :-)
Today I am going to bake a loaf of bread, make another quiche with odds and ends and leftovers from the fridge and also bake a cake to have with our coffee while we work outside erecting our new henhouse (fingers crossed it is delivered nice and early).
We used to have two henhouses but sold one at the last Smallholders sale as our now lower number of chickens fitted neatly into just one of them,  we have sold the remaining henhouse that we are still using to our landlord who along with his wife has been inspired by the way we have used their land during our time here and want to keep chickens on their return.   It means that we do not have the hassle of transporting it 250 miles and having to unload it before having to settle the chickens in. 
The way we can do it now is perfect, simply load the chickens in their crates into the back of our pick up truck and then unload them at the other end to a ready made  henhouse.  Luckily their electric fence is in two parts and although we are obviously using one part now (the larger length) it means we can erect the other part round the new house so on arrival they will be able to have a peck around before bedtime after their long journey.
Up to now things are all going to plan and this weekend as well as hopefully seeing the henhouse built, we will also have the installation of our FreeSat television connection.   The dish is going way up on the top of our hillside on one of the trees where the last owners used to have their Sky dish, with the cables running down to the house along with the other wires that connect us to civilisation.
We are also having a complete day off this weekend and nipping over to Manchester to see Mum, who has now settled into her very own new home.   It's time to celebrate I think, because it's all starting to come together very nicely :-)
Sue xx


  1. That's nice - when you move, you'll be nearer to your mum :-)

  2. Congratulations as all your hard work comes to fruition. How exciting for you and thank you for sharing your

  3. Gosh you must be doing lots of travelling. It can't be too much longer for you now though.

    1. We've been there every weekend but one since we bought the house on 13th September, just 3 or 4 trips left to do. There's lots to move and organise when you have a smallholding, but we're almost finished thank goodness. Once the chickens move we live in Wales. :-)

  4. Sounds good and exciting to me. Happy Anniversary, must have missed that! Now I understand the cost of having your Freesat installed.

  5. Glad things are coming together for you. Good idea with the chickens... I hope this wind stops .. its near enough to blow you off your hillside!

    Vicky x

  6. I found you this afternoon via another blog. I was feeling a little stressed but the first thing I saw on today's post was the road sign - Arafwch Nawr. It made me smile to see something telling me in Yr Hen Iaith (The Old language) to slow down!

  7. Have a great weekend Sue x

  8. Your baking looks lovely and your weekend sounds very busy !!

  9. it does look very good!
    I love the hen house!

  10. Lovely quiches. They look delicious.

    I hope all the moving bits go smoothly for you - I dare your vehicle knows the route to Wales and back off by heart now! What an exciting Christmas you are going to have.

  11. Everything is coming together for you and your Mum, how wonderful!
    Happy Anniversary for yesterday!

  12. You are such a busy lady, you put me to shame! Belated Happy Anniversary, and I hope you have a lovely weekend.


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