Thursday, 12 December 2013

Lots of Lovely Freebies

I nipped out yesterday to pick up some milk and a couple of other bits and pieces and because I hadn't visited our local Waitrose for a while, they've being having a re-fit and it's been absolute chaos so I stayed away, I decided that would be my supermarket of choice.
I spent just enough to qualify for the free newspaper, Lovely Hubby's not really a Guardian type of man but it was the only one left of the free choices available so he is for today!!  I got the weekly 'weekend' magazine and sat in the newly re-furbed Waitrose Café to drink my free coffee and have a read.  At the checkout I picked up my free copy of the Waitrose Kitchen magazine, it's one of the better supermarket magazines and I really like it, even more so now that I get it for free.
I totted up what I had just got for free -
Newspaper £1.40
Weekend paper - free anyway
Waitrose Kitchen magazine £1.20
Regular Latte - £2.10
Total - £4.70
I was very happy :-)
And then I came home ...
... to find the biggest and bestest freebie of the day!!
And I was even happier :-)

Just sat there waiting for me on the doorstep .....
... posh Christmas in a box (and in a posh box at that).
As Margo would say "Christmas has been delivered".
We've decided to leave it safely packed in it's box for now, take it with us as it is and unpack it on Christmas Eve, it'll make it all feel really Christmassy.  We are really lucky as we get one of these every year from the agency that LH works through, we have quite a collection of baskets now all put to very good use, but I think this one, once empty is going to a very good home.
The contents should also help me slightly in my new Challenge for the New Year.   I've almost thrashed out the details now and have decided it will have a Blog all of it's own linked to from this Blog, I 'm thinking there's no way it would have fitted into the day to day running of a smallholding, it needs more accountability and a separate presence.  So a new Blog has been born .... should I let you in on it soon or would you prefer to wait for a grand unveiling in the New Year?
Decisions, decisions .......
Sue xx


  1. One of the things I like about Waitrose was the magazine, def. one of the better publications, but I haven't been to one since moving to Wales, the nearest one is in Cardiff then Abergavenny, places where there is a bit of money. I am curious to see whats in you F&M basket, will have to wait like you, will be a lovely surprise :)

  2. It is my supermarket of choice too….sadly they don't as yet do " decaf" coffee so I miss out on that! I have shopped there for more than 20 years, and it feels like home as I know many of the staff by name and know them from other places too, this being a fairly small town ( Harpenden)

  3. Since you mentioned the new challenge I have been clicking here more often to see if it has been revealed - lol! Please tell asap :)

  4. Oh a basket from Fortnum & Mason, lucky, lucky you. I shall have to go to Waitrose soon, it's a cut above the rest indeed. Hope you enjoy your basket, I'll wait and see what you decide about the new blog!

  5. You know we are all hopeless at waiting!! But it does build the suspense and keeps us guessing. What a lovely hamper, would love one of those baskets, but have no room and would only fill it with unneccessaries (oh how sensible I am becoming!!) Have a lovely weekend, you must be very close to a final move now?

  6. Personally I have no patience whatsoever, and I do love your challenges so now would be good


  7. I am quite low on the patience front but I also like a bit of suspense, so keep on with the little tease remarks. I love me a wicker basket, I never walk past a thrift, jink or charity shop without popping in just in case. I have found some lovely ones and as long as they are reasonable I buy and use for my Christmas Hampers. This year I have made quilted fabric boxes, I haven't had so much as a sniff of wicker all year.

  8. Wow, how fabulous to come home to an F&M hamper on your doorstep. I've got a few empty ones I use for storage that I've picked up from charity shops but have never had a full one! Enjoy. I'm looking forward to your new Challenge reveal. Sounds interesting.

  9. I'm very much looking forward to seeing your new challenge!

  10. I LOVE our F&M hamper - we used to get one each year too and the hampers were absolutely the best thing about it - ours goes to and from the Hebrides with us every year carrying all the "little bits" - maps, guide books, cooking related things, all manner of odds and ends!
    Looking forward to your new challenge - and I'd say "Tell us all about it SOON!"

  11. Snap for the Waitrose freebies ! And I'm voting for the new blog to be unveiled now ;o)

  12. Oh please tell us Sue, I cannot stand the suspense.
    Congrats on your hamper, so very nice to be a recipient of one of those.
    Please do let us see a picture of the contents.
    Pam in TX.

  13. I love reading your blog, I check everyday to see what's new. I can't wait to see what is in your hamper, enjoy your blessing and Merry Christmas, from across the pond. p.s. I drool over your aga stove. I would love to one day to see what it is really like to cook and bake on one!

  14. Had to check out the F&M website, looks very up market. Lucky you getting one of the beautiful hampers every year. Looking forward to seeing the new blog.

  15. Not really a Guardian type man ... goodness - I hope your purchase had set him on the path to redemption!

  16. I can't wait to see what's in your lovely hamper :) And it would be great to see the planning for your new challenge before 2014 begins, but of course, the decision is yours :)

  17. Hmmm. Let me think.....Now! Please Sue xxx

  18. Tell me!! I'm useless waiting for surprises!! :)


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