Sunday, 1 December 2013

A Very Handy 'Waste Not Want Not'

The other day making up the batch of soup I used the last pot from the freezer of my Veg Hash.   Luckily in the bottom of the fridge were just the ingredients I needed to make some more.  Even though I am running the contents of the freezer down this is something I will not be without, useful, frugal, time saving and downright tasty why would I ever be without it.

Simply chop everything up finely, I do it in the food processor usually to save time but if I have twenty minutes and a good radio station to listen to I have been known to chop it all by hand, it's very therapeutic.

Once chopped I usually decant it into all my small plastic tubs and a couple of rinsed out butter tubs, but this time knowing I would be transporting some of it to the other house I put six of the portions into plastic bags and placed them into one of my larger tubs.

Neatly stacked and ready to go into the freezer.
What do I use it for ..... well you know all those recipes that start off with 'gently cook your chopped onion' in those for a start, I use it as the base for most of my soups, stews and even in some pasta dishes.  Fried gently in oil or just a smidge of water straight from the freezer it speeds up all sorts of recipes and adds a background depth of flavour that has to be tasted to be believed.
It means that if I have any of the constituent ingredients languishing in the fridge I can use them up in their prime and nothing gets wasted.   My very basic three ingredients are onion, celery and carrot but this time I had some garlic that needed using up so that was chopped up finely and added in.
Simple food at it's best.
Sue xx


  1. What a great idea, Sue, I might have to give that one a go. There are lots of time I want something nice when I get home from work, but cant be bothered to do much prep. This will bridge that gap quite nicely. Thanks for sharing. :o)

  2. What a really good idea. I'm going to start doing that as I always over buy veg and sometimes wonder what to do with it.

  3. Great idea .. it means the veg is at its best .. not langishing in the fridge until you decide it really had to be used up and its all woppy or tough .. or sprouty!
    Can't beat soup ... I really an a soup kinda gal.

    Vicky x

  4. Yep, me too. Trouble is I don't have enough freezer space (my case just an ice box - always crammed full!)
    However, I do this and today managed to buy some celery for 20p so am bound to have some over this time next week, just starting to go nice and soft along with the carrots purchased yesterday. I keep forgetting that I don't actually have to stand and chop them as I have a mini chopper/processor attachment with my stick blender which does it so much quicker and easier - doh!! Just about to make another batch of pasta sauce so may well try it then. Thanks Sue. X

  5. Great idea! I have 20 kilo of onions sitting in my kitchen, I will start chopping and freezing! Love your blog!

  6. Do you blanch them before you freeze them or not bother?

    1. Nope, keep it simple. Chop, portion and freeze (you MUST portion otherwise you will end up chipping bits off a huge brick). Use straight from the freezer, simply chuck in your pan and heat through slowly either with a dash of oil or stir and just let the moisture in the veggies seep out as they thaw.

    2. Cool, I'll try this then as it's such an effort to blanch everything when all you want to do is chuck it in the freezer and forget about it!

  7. What a fantastic idea. I compost far too much of the veg I buy and then don't use before it's past its best.

  8. Brilliant idea Sue - perfect for a poor student!!
    Sarah x


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