Thursday, 26 December 2013

Boxing Day Dippers

We joined hundred of people on the beach at Llandudno today to watch the annual charity Boxing Day dip in the sea.  Folks of all ages making a mad dash from the prom to the sea and swimming around for a few minutes in water that was said to be minus nine degrees ..... brrrrr, rather them than me !!
See this local newspaper report for more information, (my picture is from the paper).
It was also a brilliant doggy day out with dogs of every size and breed walking the promenade with their owners.   Ours were totally overwhelmed meeting so many other dogs in one day.  They are both fast asleep now tucked up in front of the woodburner basking in the heat. and no doubt dreaming doggy dreams of a trio of enormous Huskies and the strange little bad tempered Pug-a-poo,  a Pug cross Poodle, who looked like an ugly poodle but with a Pug's tail (the only cute thing about it, poor little thing).
Once back home we got cracking to slightly adapting our new henhouse which in our opinion has a couple of design faults, so we've corrected some of them to suit our birds better and also added an indoor water drinker and food dispenser so the hens that want to stay indoors in the worst of the weather can do and still be able to eat and drink.
So one way and another it's been another busy day, and now it's time to crack open a bottle of wine and that box of Maltesers I spy lurking in the fridge.
I hope your Boxing Day was just what you wanted it to be.
Sue xx


  1. Glad you had a lovely day. We also went out for a walk along Southsea seafront (we are almost living on it at present so it would be rude not to) and the weather was brilliant. Since we arrived back mid afternoon though the wind has started to pick up again. Off to Edinburgh tomorrow, via Blackpool (to visit relatives) and we are taking part in the annual Loony Dook - a dip in the Firth of Forth on New Year's Day - I just hope the weather is kind to us then, but as you say, even on a nice day the temperature is likely to be well down in the water. Enjoy your evening. X

    1. We're doing something very similar :-)

      Off to Peebles to visit the Scottish clan via Preston to visit my youngest, at last time to sit down :-)

    2. Hope you're both having a great time up here in my neck of the woods!

      Peebles is such a pretty place to visit & one of our favourite places to take a drive to during the warmer months for a picnic and run about next to the river.

      Alison you're brave - a dip in the Forth at any time of the year is a little nippy...brrr.... and you're making me feel a wee bit of a wuss having lived in Edinburgh most of my life & never having done it myself! :)

      Happy new year to you both! xx

    3. Now we are up here I have realised how cold it actually is I am not so sure !! But it is for charity, and I only have to do it once!! We are quite close to Peebles Sue, so if you or Sara are around on Wednesday morning come down to South Queensferry to see us - we will be dressed up as Pirate and Parrot - would be lovely to meet you; if not have a lovely time. X

  2. How lovely to live near LLandudno and in beautiful North Wales. It is one of the prettiest parts of the world. I hope to be a regular reader now after finding your blog through Life after Money. I'm hoping that the horrible weather is not affecting your area. Take care.

  3. The other day at the vets, I saw a most extraordinary dog. When I asked, I was told the huge curly thing was a "St. Bern-oodle". I really feel sorry for these designer dogs. They usually have so many health problems. Other than that, glad you enjoyed your outing that that you enjoyed your first Christmas in Wales! Hoping you many more years of same.

  4. So glad you have had a good couple of days for Christmas and Boxing Day. Good to read lots of bloggy friends having a good time, as ours have been not great ( hence the lack of any blogging)

    Designer dogs like this = yuck poor things : (

  5. Glad the move is completed & you had a good day. I never knew they had a Boxing day dip at Llandudno, I shall certainly make an effort to attend next years. Just to watch mind!

  6. Weather looks bad your way, hope you're OK. Have a great time oop north.

  7. The Boxing Day swim is a big tradition here in Cornwall and a great fundraisers. Me? I'll stay and make quilts if you don't mind! Sue, I'm on Radio Cornwall on Sunday and the topic this week is Happy Frugal New Year. It would be lovely if you could offer some advice on budgeting, or money saving gardening or economic chicken keeping or just keeping the finances on the straight and narrow. Families are struggling and any help would be really beneficial - it would be lovely if you could email with some advice thanks Froogs xxxx

  8. There is a big Boxing Day swim in Aberdeen on Boxing Day too. We stayed dry and spent half the day hillwalking. Cold, sunny day so beautiful views x

  9. sounds amazing....,,, but oh so cold!

  10. Brave souls for a good cause aren't they, AND it looked like a fun day too! I am very much enjoying your blog found recently, and wish you much happiness for 2014 in your new home, we don't think you could have found a better spot!

  11. I should imagine they want their heads looking at!
    I've been altering a "shop brought" hen house today although it's probably about 10 years old - they're never quite right for purpose and the wood is always so thin - this one has only survived because it was under cover the whole time.
    Glad you guys had a good Christmas

  12. Glad you had a lovely cosy first Christmas in your forever home. Wishing you lots of happiness in 2014 and I look forward to reading your adventures making the place your own x


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