Thursday, 28 December 2017

It's Almost Over ....

It's almost over for another year, I couldn't resist taking this photo of part of todays washing!!

Once dry the Christmas T shirts will be packed away for next year.

The contents of my advent calender are now all in the makeup bag that was the final gift on Christmas morning. 

The empty calender is being saved for me to use next year for Alan.  I will keep my eyes open for little gifts to put into the boxes over the coming year, and hopefully M&S will do the same again next year so I can have another one too, as I absolutely loved this.

My favourite gift on Christmas morning was a box made up for us by my older son, which as well as containing yummy things to eat and brilliant items for daily use, included things from my childhood, that had been discovered tucked away in my ex's house and passed on to Simon for giving to me ... saving it for Christmas was a brilliant idea ... it made my day.

Christmas lunch was a quiet affair, cooked together after our daily chores had been completed, and tucked into on our new little table, with Christmas songs playing in the background and the sound of the dogs chewing on new Christmas bones at our feet.

The most successful show of the holiday break was 'Snow Bears'.  The dogs absorbed every minute of the tale of a mummy polar bear trekking across the ice with her twin cubs.

A full hour passed of doggy silence and concentration as the adventures unfolded.

We had quite a television based Christmas this year with the bad weather outside meaning chores were done as quickly as possible and doggies walked as and when we could, but luckily it's been quite good on the old box and I've been drinking in every detail of the BBC adaptation  of Little Women which unfortunately finishes tonight. 

Our Christmas isn't completely over yet though, as my youngest son is coming for a quick overnight visit between shifts from work this weekend.  As an emergency services worker, his Christmas dinner on the actual day was a hastily grabbed and very solitary bowl of pasta, so I think an action replay of our dinner would be a grand way to end our festive celebrations.

I hope each and every one of you had a wonderful Christmas, and can I just say a massive thank you for all the Christmas wishes on the comments on the last post.  It was so lovely to hear from so many people all over the world.

Sue xx


  1. The Polar Bear program was amazing I loved it, you could almost hear her telling them off everytime they scuppered a potential catch with their antics. Loved Christmas but glad it's over. Tx

  2. What a lovely post. Except for the super cold weather it sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas.

    cheers, parsnip and mandibles

  3. For much of the time my two one year old great grand daughters were here together with a four month old great grandson - so not a lot of rest there then.

  4. That box of surprises was a lovely gift - it reminded me of the time when we cleared my mum's loft and even found my old maths books!
    The Christmas jumpers - great fun - what did we do before them!

  5. The Christmas washing made me smile. I was gripped by the polar bear programme. I too have been watching Little Women. I read it many times as a child. I think it was a fairly true reflection of the book. It’s nice to enjoy some decent programmes for a change.

  6. Very good wishes for the New Year.
    I'm glad that you managed to catch up with your family.
    It's wonderful that a piece of the jigsaw that is your past turned up unexpectedly.
    I'm sure your mum would enjoy seeing some of the treasures that have been returned!

  7. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. It was wonderfully thoughtful of your son to save all those bits and pieces of your earlier life to give you on Christmas.

    Those t-shirts are perfect for celebrating.

    God bless.


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