Sunday, 10 December 2017

A Snow Day

Pristine snow when we first woke up ...

Minimal traffic first thing.

Going over to let the chickens out .... dressing gown and wellies, usual weekend attire before the first cup of coffee :-)

Only one chicken even peeped out first thing ... they point blank refused to walk on the 'white stuff'.

The view from the front door.

No sign of the hills opposite .... it's a complete white out!!

Perfection ...

... but not for long, the dogs couldn't wait to get into the paddock  :-)

Suky loved it.

Pretty bushes laden with snow.

Suky and Mavis finding little bits of grass under the bushes.


The view back to the house.

And up the hillside.

Hi-jinks in the snow.

Little Puggy footprints.

And that virgin patch of snow from the very first photo .....nope I just couldn't resist  ;-)

Stay safe, stay cosy and I hope you are having a nice snow day too.

Sue xx


  1. Lovely photos. It's similar here but without the lovely views. A day for staying warm and cosy.
    J x

  2. BBBBrrrrrrrrr is what I say, lit the fire hours earlier than usual. 2pm and it's just stopped snowing here, turning back to rain I think and the small covering we had will soon be gone again

  3. It's wild and woolly here ie rain and wind. Enjoy the snow!

    Joan (Devon)

  4. It all looks so pretty ....from inside the house :) The snow hasn't stopped here all day and I intend staying in until it thaws!

  5. No snow here in the Yorkshire Dales - I am well wrapped up against the bitter cold - minus ten forecast for tonight,

  6. Cold here but no snow. Once it arrives it's here for the duration so I'm glad we have none so far.

  7. What lovely photos of your snow day.

    God bless.

  8. What an absolutely beautiful group of pictures with that snow covering. I know it would be hazardous on the roads but sitting in front of a roaring fire looking out at all that snow would be bliss. Dont get snow where we are just cold and windy wet winters.

  9. Snow really is beautiful. It doesn't snow much where I live. Maybe once ever 2-3 years. We can always drive up to the snow, but there's just something about waking up, pulling the curtains open and there's a winter wonderland in your front yard!

  10. Great photos, I love the spiral of dog prints.


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