Saturday 30 December 2017

Doggy Bathtime

Suky loves a good bath, although we don't do it too often as she takes a long time to dry and is not fond of being damp for long periods.

A good scrub behind her ears is her favourite bit.

Poor little soggy doggy.

Mavis had already had hers and was busy in front of a roaring fire sorting out her feet, and making sure that Dad had rearranged her beard and eyebrows to her satisfaction.

Sue xx


  1. After 16 years without a dog both hubby and I are yearning for one. We cannot agree on type though😖. I love the way your pets all get on together.

  2. Poor little soggy doggy indeed but isn't she good about it!
    J x

  3. This is when I wish my doggies were smaller and more manageable. I can't believe you don't have to hold on to Suky....all of our dogs have required multiple hands to keep them in the water.

  4. Isn't it adorable the way our doggie friends make us laugh.

    cheers, parsnip and mandibles

  5. Suki is wonderful. It is the first willing doggie wash I've seen. Happy New Year.

  6. Rather less scratches involved than bathing a cat!

  7. Have you ever tried a hand held hair dryer (on low) to get the dogs dry more quickly? Believe it or not, I have dried a cat that way! That was back when we bathed our cats due to a flea problem. Haven't done it in years now :)


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