Monday, 11 December 2017

A Snow and Ice Day

Today we have the same snow, but now with a crunchy layer of ice on top, that hopefully the glorious sunshine will start to dissolve soon, but I'm not holding my breath .... it's freezing cold out there.

The blue skies were wonderful as I walked over to the paddock with the dogs but Suky ran through the gate and then stood still on three legs as  if to say 'I'm not getting ALL my feet that cold'.  She couldn't wait to get back to the snuggly warmth of Dad's big jacket on the sofa, left behind while he works away from home today

The next job of the day was to take copious buckets of hot water to thaw out the chickens drinkers, everything was frozen solid.  Then I had to thaw the catches to the poly and net tunnels and battle my way through the doors so I could get inside to dislodge the vast weight of snow that was starting to make the roofs dip in a most alarming fashion.  I have a sad feeling that despite my covering the polytunnel netted windows with a layer of polythene, and draping fleece over the spinach and kale I will be losing most of my plants ... oh well I did my best.

Once all the necessary outdoor chores were done, I came in to join the dogs in the warmth of the house to thaw out my toes and fingers ...

... and start on a big pan of soup for this weeks lunches, using some of these carrots ... still in good condition although well out of date  :-)

Now this pan has had lots of stock added to it and is simmering away nicely in the bottom oven of the Aga, and I'm upstairs enjoying coffee and blog time in the office before I do todays main indoor job, which is to empty out all the food cupboards in turn, clean them and see exactly what we have in stock both for Christmas and for into the New Year.

Not a bad job on a chilly December morning to be working away in the kitchen to the sound of a purring cat and two gently snoring dogs.

Sue xx


  1. had a good giggle at the previous post
    don't think i'd like to go out in that, almost looks scary! but beautiful as well
    your soup sounds very delicious!
    stay warm & cozy
    thanx for sharing

  2. Soup is such a great meal on a cold wintery day. I have made a pan too and hope it will last a few days. The snow here on the Essex coast is all gone thanks to the rain that started at 4 this morning and is still going now! Some showers have been sleet but nothing is settling.

  3. Snow makes everywhere soooo beautiful...if you do not need to drive in it... food is only out of date when we smell it, feel it, and make an executive decision lol !!Dates??? no!

  4. Sunshine on snow is so lovely!
    J x

  5. I've had a similar day. Just made a low fat chilli
    -7 here last night! Brrrrrr

  6. Lovely photos, perfect soup weather!

  7. Winter weather is just perfect for a big pot of soup.

    God bless.

  8. A question not related in any way to your post, other than you mentioned being in the poly tunnel! - What soil do you use for your raised beds in the poly tunnel? I got raised beds in my unheated greenhouse two years ago but I used mostly bags of compost topped up with compost from my compost bins. However, they dry out horribly during the winter and I'm wondering if they should have some top soil in them. Can you help please? Your photos are lovely by the way, we've had no snow here in Glasgow but we've had a very hard frost for the past few days which is keeping everything white too. x

    1. We use a mix of top soil and compost, topped up each year with our own homemade compost. The trick for keeping it in good condition is rotating what you grow, always adding plant foods and kidnapping worms from anywhere you see them and bringing them to your raised beds. Try not to dig too much in your beds, I mostly garden with gloved hands in the tunnel, only turning the soil over once or twice each year ... and carefully if I do.

      Hope this helps 😊

  9. It seems odd to see so much snow there!

  10. There's nothing like a good batch of soup to keep warm on these cold days.

  11. I'll need that soup after my ride into work tomorrow!


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