Monday, 2 November 2015

The Most Unexpected Visitor

Yesterday we had the most unexpected visitor, although with the speeds people reach on this winding and dangerous road it shouldn't have been that unexpected I guess  :-(

I was upstairs in the office, which is on the road side of the house, Lovely Hubby was downstairs relaxing watching a game of rugby when the sound of the helicopter drowned out everything else and sent the dogs into a frenzy of barking.  It whizzed closely by the window and then settled briefly in the field opposite while the first man jumped out.  It lifted back up immediately as the field is really much too boggy to land in and then when a car that was parked in our top gateway moved out of the way it turned and landed on the grass verge by our fence.

The police were quickly on the scene and had been able to stop the traffic on either side of the road traffic accident, and luckily for everyone trapped between Tal-y-Cafn and us, our new widened driveway proved the perfect place to turn round and head back towards the detour.

 We made an offer of help if any was needed, and then left the emergency services to get on with what they do best.

The road was closed for hours, then with darkness just about falling suddenly the helicopter was back in the sky and heading across the hills in the direction of Bangor Hospital.

I watched it until there was nothing left to be seen, saying a silent prayer for the occupants.

The road stayed closed but with the helicopter now gone we fed the dogs and walked them around the paddock and then we all settled down for the evening.  It was deathly quiet outside the now curtained windows, no traffic noise, no sounds at all until much later on when the flashing blue lights of an emergency vehicle and then the orange flashing lights of recovery vehicles lit up the living room and suddenly the road was back in action as though nothing had happened.

This road has claimed too many lives through accidents caused by unfamiliarity and excessive speeding .....  I hope there is not one more to add to the list.

Updated to add link to information about the accident -

Sue xx


  1. Looking in the local paper online, if it was near where you live, an elderly woman had to be cut free but the air ambulance wasn't needed in the end. Both okay.

  2. Scary few hours for all involved. Fingers crosses no one lost their lives, dee

  3. It's okay Sue, both minor injuries. Elderly man freed himself from the car, elderly woman had to be cut out, but no air ambulance needed. Both taken to Bangor hospital but not serious,

  4. Most disturbing, especially when it is on your doorstep like that.

  5. It must have been a worry. I'm glad no one was seriously hurt. It's roads like this one which could do with speed cameras. X

  6. Not something we see every day on the blogspots! Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  7. They were saying on the radio this morning that the fog has caused no end of accidents with people too close and driving too fast. We are lucky to have the emergency services we do but we don't need idiots clogging up a system already at breaking point.

    1. It wasn't foggy here when the accident happens although the report says it was!! The reporter turned up as the accident was being cleared away,by then it was dark and was starting to get foggy. But when the accident happened it was still sunny outside.

      There has been a heck of a lot of fog everywhere though with the warm days and then sudden really cold nights.

      Lots of visitors drive too fast on these roads, they don't realise how sharp a lot of the bends are and how, although the roads have white lines down the centre, they are in places a lot narrower than you would expect them to be.

  8. Hi Sue

    As a townie who has recently followed her dream of moving to the country I am loving catching up with your blog! Hope the lady who was in the car is ok - it must have been the week of dramas, as an 18 wheel, 40 ton lorry got wedged inbetween our house and the church opposite last week and we too spent the day making tea for the emergency services and hoping for a solution. Although no-one was hurt in ours, thank heavens. I have bookmarked your site and look forward to reading :)

  9. Glad it was ok in the end.

    At my old house we had a bad double bend that often caught out visitors in the winter. We regularly had overturned cars at the bottom of our drive. We too used to have the air ambulance land in the field beside us and provide hot drinks for walking wounded and police. It must be a horrible job for them seeing so many nasty accidents

  10. Roads and weather conditions do not cause accidents!

  11. I like watching helicopters. We have lots flying over here, mainly following the line of the river, quite often hovering looking for something or someone. Not had one landed though. Glad to know the car occupants didn't need it.


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